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Pastor Chris Does It Again: Says Nothing Wrong With Cigarettes & Alcohol!


While the dust stirred by the controversial statement that “masturbation is not a sin” is yet to settle down, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World might have stirred yet another controversy as he affirmed on Sunday that there was nothing wrong with cigarettes as long as the bible does not condemn it.

While speaking on his television programme on Sunday, a viewer wrote in to ask if it was right for Christians to work in cigarette companies. The famous Pastor’s response was “there is nothing wrong with cigarettes. The bible doesn’t say anything is wrong with it. I know a lot of people complain about it because of the relationship attached to it with some diseases like cancer.But if they believe it is wrong, why not ban it totally? It is the same thing when you have Christians working in breweries. The bible doesn’t condemn alcohol. The only reference made to alcohol in the Bible is do not take too much of wine. So you see this thing has to do with the individual’s state. If they are convinced that something is not good, they should just ban it.”

Not so long ago, the Pastor had stated on the same programme that masturbation is not a sin. In a subsequent edition, he explained further and gave reasons for his stand.

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