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Horror In Ibadan: Pastor Runs Mad While Conducting Deliverance For Lunatic!


The events that took place in Oke Ado, in Ibadan South West Local Government Area of Oyo State on Thursday, 28th June will for a long time be spoken of in the area. The Bible verse in 1 Corinthians 10:12 (Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall) played itself out to the amazement of passers by and bystanders.

A man whose looks and carriage unmistakably gave him away as a Pastor was seen approaching a lunatic who stays near the Oke Ado home of Chief Mufutau Lanihun. In a matter of minutes, the Pastor had started praying for the lunatic who seemed to give the Pastor maximum cooperation. The Pator went as far as laying hands on the lunatic’s head. Most of those around thought the mad man would receive a miracle before the next hour. In no time, a crowd had gathered to watch a live miracle about to be performed.

They however got a rude shock when the tide turned and the Pastor started rolling, and  before anyone could get near, the pastor started tearing his own clothes. He spoke to the mad man for a while after which an argument ensued, he (the Pastor) rolled into a gutter soon after and appeared to have lost all consciousness.  He was carried out of the gutter by sympathizers who took him to a nearby building where it took a lot of effort to revive him.

After pouring water on him, he came round but he could hardly speak. The sympathizers around gave him clothes to cover himself up as he had torn his clothes to shreds.

While the Pastor remained subnormal, the situation of the mad man he attempted to deliver did not change in any way. He remained as he was before the Pator came.

Most of those who spoke to Street Journal opined that the spirit that was troubling the mad man entered into the Pastor, tormented him and knocked him off.



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