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Abuse Of Office & Impunity: The Story of Madam Speaker


After spending so much time on the roads of Abuja, I mistakenly went to the popular Three Arms Zone. Connected to a very long queue for just a tag, I stood for well over 30 minutes. While on the queue I looked at the people around me after which I approached a lady on the same queue. I explained my mission to her. She told me to call my “dishonorable” Rep that I was at the gate. I got confused because I didn’t have any “sting operation “with any legislator. Still not satisfied I approached an officer of the SSS at the double 40-feet security container. He told me the queue was strictly for Honorables’ visitation tags. That was all it took to make me realize that I was at the wrong place, looking for the wrong stuff. I instantly recalled that I was at “Farouk Lawan’s Constituency”. I speedily dialogued with my two legs to follow the exit route.

By so doing, my mission still not accomplished, I met another m.u.m.u like them, and he directed me to the office of the “Secretary-General of the Federation” (Anyim Pius), a highly structured and secured building. As it also turned out, the place was “waka miss road” as well.

I thus informed my legs again that if the MDG cannot be located within the 3 Arms Zone, I should go back to where I was coming from, so that I could get GPRS or a better description to locate the “State House” for the next day.



On the second part of the expedition I stupidly and frantically took my time, with all thoroughness and tension, and with calories burning, my eagle eyes scrutinized all the broadcasts by Wole Street Journal for and against Madam Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly. At first, I thought the broadcast was “Awada Kerikeri” until I got more information from some spies and surveillance efforts. I suppose that the allegation was not misinformation and misrepresentation of facts. I also remember that my good friend, brother, philanthropist and mentor Uncle “Wole Arisekola” is also from the same Oyo constituency with our dear Madam Speaker who ought to be sentenced to a time of reading Leadership Books and journals on how to conduct herself as well as the usage of the State IGR and Federal Monthly Allocation appropriated to the State Assembly which should be subject to accountability, transparency and honesty.

Thank God the House lacks autonomy for now; she would have propelled husbands, children, relatives, house maids, concubines and even mai guards of assembly members to London for training on how to support their spouses or masters on irrelevant ventures.

For a woman to have allegedly spent .4 Billion Naira on Honorable wives, If she is in custody of the 4 Trillion Naira 2012 annual capital budget appropriated to Mr. President, she would probably have spent it organizing seminars and parties for the above mentioned relations.



Walahi Gaskiya! I just feel we should not trouble ourselves with the “Legislooters Syndrome” but chart a new cause for the future. As we all know that the 2/3 of the majority of the House has impeached the uprightness and ethics of the sacred chamber. Immorality and inattentiveness has become the mission and vision of our Legislooters. So, if Madam Speaker decides to “chop” .4 Billion Naira, I don’t care because Oyo State masses who should have started her recall procedure are sleeping and snoring after having eaten bowls of “Amala ,Gbegiri ati Ewedu “.

With this, it is now established that the people of Oyo State will sustain kwashankor, high infant mortality rate, bad roads, poor education, poor healthcare delivery, double digit crime rate, corruption and more of more of “Apete bridge collapse and the likes of Tsunami Flooding due to the likes of Madam Speaker and their indolent Honorable Husbands’ poor coordination of oversight function.



Ehn! Why not? Instead of listening to the conscientious voice of caution from Oyo State people on the misuse Oyo State’s IGR and Federal Allocation appropriated to her office and unconstitutional training in far away London, she reacted sharply by abusing and raining curses on those that queued under the heavy rain and sun to mistakenly vote for  her  in April 2011. Her reaction has since resulted in the gospel of “had I known, I wouldn’t have voted for her” on the streets of Oyo.


I have advised some of them to upgrade their memories in order not to vote by mistake come 2015. They should vote for people based on past history and family background. Responsive positions and responsibilities must be given to the best man and not the quacks who fail to concur that the customer is always the king and voters are also the king in the business of politics too. The electorate should know that they are better than the elected.


“Feyikogbon” (learn from this), my people, take this and get wisdom, Madam Speaker refused to do checks and balance on the Governor for the wasted lives and property by the persistent flooding in spite of the obvious slackness on the part of the Governor.

Instead of vetting and monitoring the capital project for good drainage and roads approved by her, Madam is busy leading the ineffective and inefficient training that will not add value to the so called wives, husband and the masses of Oyo State in London.


I pity Oyo State, Ajimobi is sleeping, Madam Speaker is snoring in a very expensive Hotel in UK while my people are dying, displaced, and properties worth billions destroyed due to legislative and executive negligence.


Basically, Oyo people “aile soro nibere ori buruku” (keeping quiet precedes ill luck) we are in a digitalized democracy. I beg you all to follow the “real progressives” to demand for information on the subject matter, justice and airplay by using the Freedom Of Information Act. “Omo o ju Omo Lo” (all men are equal). The Honourables’ wives are not better than our wives, they are all first among equal.



Madam Speaker should kindly tell Nigerians the purpose of the jamboree.  What benefit would it fetch Oyo People? At what cost?

Why UK and not one of Nigeria five Star Hotel?

From whose purse is the imposing training financed?

Is the training constitutional or oversight function?

Who is the owner of the “Access Limited?


In spite of this wicked and insensitive abuse of office being committed with impunity, let it be known that Madam Speaker is not immune to prosecution.

Olorun a ta yin fun Wa mu (God will deliver all of you into our hands. Amen)


Bilesanmi Abayomi (KOKO)

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