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Drug Haul: Argentine Customs Impound Nigeria-Bound $25m Cocaine


Customs authorities in Argentina announced on Friday that they have intercepted and confiscated more than 500 kg of cocaine being transported to Nigeria.

Argentina’s Customs Agency confirmed that the cocaine which was discovered by two sniffer dogs was tightly packed into 490 brightly coloured bricks and stuffed into heavy dredging equipment being flown from the international airport in Buenos Aires to an oil company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Maria Siomara Ayeran, the director-general of Argentina’s customs agency however disclosed that the company whose name was used in Nigeria does not exist.

Narrating how the haul was made, the Director General revealed that after the spot had been identified by the dogs, the machinery was opened by officers on Thursday evening and was found to contain 536 kilogrammes of pure cocaine inside thick walls of lead and steel.
She expressed a feeling that the final destination of the drugs might not be Nigeria and that they were probably meant for the streets of Europe. She disclosed that in this case, the perpetrators were most likely trying to use Africa as their trade route. The estimated worth of the seized drugs in the European market was put at about $25 million.
That is the first time the Argentine government has confiscated such a large shipment of cocaine being smuggled by air from Buenos Aires to Nigeria.
Meanwhile the authorities in Argentina are still keeping the identities of the exporter and the Nigerian company under wraps as investigations are still ongoing.

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