How Globacom Manager Committed Suicide In Ibadan


. Blames It On Pressure From His Boss!

The Challenge, Ibadan office of Globacom Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s second National Telephone Operator is currently permeated by uneasy calm following the death of bayo Smith, one of the Area Marketing Managers of the company.  Street Journal gathered that Smith committed suicide last Saturday, leaving a note in which he apologized to his wife and three children. It is also being speculated that the deceased blamed his action on his boss who he claimed was frustrating him. He reportedly went to work that day and later decided to go back home. His body was found hung by the neck to the ceiling in his sitting room with a note nearby. 

Though Bayo Smith’s colleagues are keeping mum about the incident and no one wants to be quoted, there are insinuations that there is more to the suicide than is being said. People have started wondering anyone would commit suicide due to frustration from a boss when there is an option of quitting the job, especially a person of Bayo’s caliber as he was said to have bagged three degrees.

One other suspicion that has been raised by the supposed suicide note borders on the condition under which it was written. Some people have drawn an inference that the deceased might have been compelled to write the note to make it look like suicide while what happened was probably a case of homicide. There have also been suggestions that he might have been in on some top rated secrets or deals which probably led to what is being termed “arranged suicide” by some.

Though no member of staff of Glo in Challenge has denied the story, none wants to say a word. Everyone is keeping mum and when calls were placed to the Public Relations Department at the Head Office, those who answered claimed to have been transferred to the Northern part of the country.

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