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US Ambassador To Libya Killed As Gunmen Storm Consulate!


Christopher Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya has been killed after some gunmen stormed the US Consulate in Benghazi. Three other officials of the consulate have also been confirmed killed in the attack. It is believed that the attack was an offshoot of an event in Cairo, Egypt where protesters swooped on the American Embassy in Cairo and set US flags on fire in protest against a certain film which allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as the attack happened hours after the Cairo incident. The US Consulate in Benghazi came under attack from gunmen who fired rocket propelled grenades into the Consulate before setting it ablaze late on Tuesday. The demise of the Ambassador has been confirmed by Libya’s interior ministry as well as the country’s Deputy Prime Minister.

There are conflicting reports on how the Ambassador who was actually based in Tripoli was killed, an account says he died of suffocation while another said he was hit while trying to get to a safer location from his car. America’s Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton has confirmed Stevens death.

Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister disclosed that guards at public buildings were usually unarmed and the guards around the embassy could not have stopped the attack as the perpetrators were armed “hundreds of people were on the scene including women, children and outlaws and people from the last regime.”

Peace has not been completely restored to Libya since the Arab Spring and the war that ousted former leader, Muammar al-Ghadaffi. Libya has witnessed series of attacks from militants after Ghadaffi’s fall as it has been difficult to control the number of arms and ammunition in circulation across the country.

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