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“Nigeria Is World’s 2nd Most Corrupt Nation! “- Gallup Survey


A recent survey conducted by Gallup has ranked Nigeria as the second most corrupt country in the world.  The survey, titled “State of Mind, New Metrics for World Leaders” was conducted in October 2012. The worldwide poll measured the confidence of people in the governments of their different countries.

Questions were asked based on many factors including the systems of administration and basic amenities. Questions were also asked on whether the participants had confidence in the military, honesty of elections and a number of other factors.

96 % of Kenyans believe corruption is widespread in the government of their country while Nigeria followed closely with 94 % of the population sharing the same feeling. Lebanon was rated the third most corrupt country with 92 %.

Gallup, the coordinators of the research described it as a “world audit of global behavioral economics…intended to help leaders build strategies of human and economic development that put their nations on the course of success and prosperity and to head off unrest and revolution.” Below is a table illustrating how the countries fared according to the survey.

Highest and Lowest Perceptions of Corruption in Partly Free Countries
Corruption is widespread in Government Corruption is widespread in Government
Kenya 96% Brazil 63%
Nigeria 94% Guinea 60%
Lebanon 92% Macedonia 59%
Kosovo 91% Bangladesh 58%
Indonesia 91% Haiti 57%
Uganda 90% Niger 54%
Tanzania 89% Turkey 51%
Senegal 89% Montenegro 45%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 88% Georgia 27%
South Africa 87% Hong Kong 15%


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