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The Untold Details Of The CIA Directors Illicit Affair!

  • The Anonymous Mails That Nailed Him!

The extra-marital affair that made the former Director of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, General  David Petraeus resign his appointment seems to be getting messier by the day. The General resigned last Friday and gave extra-marital affairs as the reason behind his action.  At the last count, two other Generals have been linked with the scandal; one of them is 58-year-old General John Allen, there are also worries in some quarters that the General might have shared  classified top military secrets in the course of the affair. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI too has stepped up investigations into the matter.  Incidentally, the Bureau’s agents who was investigating the issue has become a subject of investigation as he has been taken off the case for sending a shirtless photo to one of the dramatis personae in the extra-marital affair scandal.

Street Journal’s findings revealed that trouble started when Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old friend of Petraeus and his family from Tampa, Florida started receiving threatening anonymous e mail messages. Kelley who had become friends with the four star General when he was stationed in Florida, organized local social events for the military as a volunteer. When the messages kept coming, she sought help from a friend who worked with the FBI.

The investigation of the FBI aimed at finding out the brains behind the e mails however unveiled another thing – an affair between Gen Petraeus and 40-year-old Paula Broadwell, who wrote the General’s biography. Incidentally, both of them are married. Broadwell carried out a research as a PhD student in Harvard and eventually turned the research into a book on the General which she titled “All In”. Street Journal gathered that while she was working on the biography, Broadwell, a mother of two and the General spent countless hours together.  In the course of investigating, the FBI drew an inference that the mails might have been sent to Kelley by Broadwell who saw Kelley as a rival contesting with her for General Petraeus’ attention and love.

Another worrisome discovery was also made, about 30,000 pages of flirtatious e-mails and other communications that were exchanged between Kelley and General John Allen, a Commander in Afghanistan who is also being tipped to become the supreme commando for the NATO forces in Europe.  It was also found out that Gen Allen also received e-mails from the account that threatened Kelley.

General’s Petraeus and Allen were also discovered to have written a court on behalf of Kelley’s twin sister when she was involved in a legal tussle with her ex-husband over child custody. The matter has also not been without some stains on the FBI as the Bureau’s man who started the investigation was discovered to have sent a number of shirtless photos to Kelley before the investigations commenced.


Findings also revealed that General Petraeus and Mrs. Broadwell devised a way of exchanging messages without leaving an online trail. The two lovers set up anonymous email accounts and drafted emails to each other without ever clicking on “send.” Each one could log on to the other account and access the “drafts” folder to see if a message had been left for him or her. This way, they avoided leaving any traces.

Street Journal gathered that apart from the friendship of the FBI agent with Kelley, the Bureau chose to investigate because the e-mails involved the movements and itineraries of top military officers.

In the meantime, Street Journal gathered that Holly, General Petraeus’ wife of 38-years feels so bad about the whole issue.

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