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2 Dead As Helicopter Crashes Into Building Site In London!


Two people have been confirmed dead in a helicopter crash that occurred in South London on Wednesday morning. Two survivors of the crash are being treated in a hospital in South London.

The Helicopter hit a crane where a towered building construction is ongoing around Vauxhall roundabout. Debris from crashed helicopter, the falling crane and few cars on the street caught up in a whirlwind of fire could be seen seconds after the explosion which resulted from the crash.

Street Journal’s  London correspondent reported at the scene immediately and confirmed that emergency services consisting of Ambulances, police, fire fighters are frantically busy around the crash scene. London metropolitan police confirmed the death and fatalities this morning. The pilot and one person on the ground were confirmed dead while about seven other people were treated for injuries.

British prime minister, David Cameron who spoke through speaking the Transport Commissioner sympathized with the families of the two people who died.

It was very foggy around London on Wednesday morning and poor visibility has become a huge concern. Traffic along Plimco- Battersea and Vauxhall bridge and other parts of south London became a nightmare and Vauxhall underground tube Station had to be closed. Traffic disruptions also took place in some parts of the central London. Flights are being cancelled at The London city Airport.

The accident is not believed to be connected to terrorism in any way. The office base of the M15 and M16 intelligence operatives are three hundred metres away from the crash scene.

By afternoon, Street Journal’s correspondent reported that the roads leading to the Vauhall Bridge were deserted as they remained cordoned off by police who were seen conducting their investigations. Motorists have also been informed that the road would be out of use for some time. The tower on which the crane was being used is also being examined.


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