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Al Shabaab Dares France, Takes Battle To Twitter!


Al Shaabab, a Somali based terrorist group with established links to al-Quaeda on Monday sent taunting messages to the French Government, days after the failed bid to rescue a French secret agent who was kidnapped in Somalia. The terrorists made good their promise to post photos of a second French soldier who was killed in the botched bid to rescue “Denis Alex”, the pseudonym of the French Foreign Intelligence Service agent who was kidnapped in Somalia in July 2009. .
In the pictures, released via Twitter by the Somalia-based terrorists, a white male in a dark blue shirt and camouflage pants surrounded by military gear and weapons was visible. The shirt was covered in blood and the man appeared to be dead. The group tweeted a caption for a photograph that showed the man’s crucifix necklace “a return of the crusades, but the cross could not save him from the sword.”
In another tweet, al-Shabaab attached a picture of the dead Frenchman to a tweet addressed to the President of France, “Francois Hollande, was it worth it?” the terrorists tweeted.
The French President acknowledged that two French soldiers had been killed in the operation last Saturday and he disclosed that it was likely that Allex was executed by his captors. Al-Shabaab however issued a press release claiming it had killed “several” French commandoes, but that Allex was still alive. The group said it had “reached a verdict” on what to do with him and would announce it in coming hours.

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