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Armed Robbers Snatch $ 50 m Diamonds At Brussels Airport!


Like a scene from an action movie, dare devil armed robbers snatched parcels of diamonds believed to be worth about $ 50 million at the Zaventem International Airport, Brussels in Belgium. The heist, which is one of the biggest diamond thefts in recent times took place on Monday night and it lasted just three minutes.

Eight of the robbers who wore masks forced their way in through the security fence and drove straight to the tarmac where they snatched the goods from the hold of a Switzerland bound aircraft. Incidentally, not a single gunshot was fired throughout the operation though all the robbers had machine guns equipped with laser sight equipment. They disguised themselves as policemen, Street Journal gathered.

The robbers stuck with great precision as they commenced the operation just before the┬átargeted aircraft was cleared for take-off. Passengers in the aircraft didn’t know what was going on but the flight had to be canceled after the robbers had made good their escape. The stolen 120 parcels contained rough and polished stones meant for different handlers in Switzerland. Police sources in Belgium said the robbers tried to pass themselves as police officers as they all wore dark blue outfits resembling the ones worn by the police. Insider knowledge has not been ruled out as the police continue to investigate.

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