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Premeditated Murder Charge: Witnesses Pick Holes In Pistorious’ Defence!


Hearing resumed on Wednesday at the Magistrate’s Court in Pretoria for the bail application filed by start athlete, Oscar Pistorious who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend.

The police told the court that two bottles of testosterone and needles were found in the athlete’s home after the incident. Defence lawyers however told the court that the testosterone found was a herbal therapy and not a banned substance. A holster for Pistorious’ gun was found on the left side of the bed where Ms Steenkamp’s slippers and overnight bag were.

Roux also pointed out that the result of the autopsy which indicated that Reeva Steenkamp, the athlete’s girlfriend had an empty bladder corroborated Pistorious’ claim that she had gone to the toilet.

Botha, the police investigator however disclosed that according to preliminary investigation, the shooter would have to be in the bathroom, with his back to the basins. Giving a description, he also pointed out that to get to the bathroom from the balcony; one would have to get past the bed and the window leading from the toilet looks onto the backyard where there were two dogs.

As the hearing progressed, prosecutors told the court that non-stop arguments which lasted about an hour were heard in Pistorious’ home before the shooting. Witnesses said the argument started around 2 am. A witness also confirmed that there was blood spatter on a cricket bat and one cell phone.

When Barry Roux, the defence attorney asked Botha if he agreed that Pistorious would have felt vulnerable without his legs, his answer was “yes”. He however added that it was highly unlikely that he was trying to protect himself or Reeva.

Garrie Nel, the prosecutor picked a hole in Pistorious’ affidavit when he read a portion where the athlete claimed he was scared of crime and had been a victim, the prosecutor pointed pout that there was no record of such with the police. Nel also pointed out that while the accused claimed he was too scared to switch on the lights, Botha stated that the lights were on.

Roux however put it to Botha that though a spent bullet was found in the toilet bowl, it was not found by Botha’s team but by the defence team. The police also submitted that there was no sign that the deceased was assaulted before she was shot. It was also pointed out by Botha that a .38 bullet was found in the house and was “wrongfully” handed over to the lawyer. Roux also took on Botha when he asked him, “you were in the house walking with unprotected shoes. That should not happen”. The investigator agreed.

Botha however opined that if Reeva had heard her boyfriend shout, “She would have answered”. He said he changed his mind on whether the accused person should get bail after hearing the evidence of forensic officers. When the judge asked the police investigator whether Pistorious, an Olympic athlete would jeopardize his career by jumping bail, Botha said “it is possible”.

Hearing was again adjourned till Thursday.

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