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Behold, The New Pope!


A new head of the Catholic church emerged on Wednesday. The emergence of white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel signaled the election of the new Pope. 76-year-ol Jorge Mario Bergogglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina emerged the new Pope.

He served as the Archbishop of Bunos Aires since 1998 and he was elevated to the Cardinate in 2001. With his election as Pope on 13th March, 2013, he takes the Papal name Francis.

Pope Francis is expected to resume fully on Thursday evening when he celebrates his first mass as the Pope with cardinals at the Sistine Chapel. By noon on Friday, he will be meeting with the full college of Cardinals, electors and non-electors while on Saturday, he will meet with journalists by 11 am.

By noon on Sunday, Pope Francis will recite the first Angelus of his papacy in St. Peter’s Square while he will also participate in a mass on Tuesday to inaugurate the new papacy.

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