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CIA Captures Bin Laden’s Son In-Law In Jordan!


The United States of America has attained what looks like another landmark achievement in the war against terror. A senior congressman on Thursday announced the capture of Osama bin Laden’s spokesman and son-in-law by U.S. intelligence officials.

Rep. Peter King, the former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, who. Announced the capture of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith described the efforts of the CIA and FBI in arresting him as a “very significant victory” in the war against terror. King disclosed that the al Quaeda topshot was arrested in Jordan last week and he also stated that the capture was confirmed to him by U.S. law enforcement officials.
King made it known that Ghaith took part in the Sept. 11, 2001, plot against the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

“Definitely, one by one, we are getting the top echelons of al-Qaida. I give the administration credit for this: it’s steady and it’s unrelenting and it’s very successful,” King said on Thursday.

Street Journal gathered that Ghaith was on his way to Kuwait through Jordan when he was arrested. He had just left Turkey. Ghaith had first been arrested in January at a luxury hotel in Ankara, Turkey. However, there wasn’t much the Turkish government could do because Ghaith had not committed any crime in Turkey. He was therefore released by the authorities in Turkey.

He was however nabbed on his way to Kuwait and has since been flown to New York.


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