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Syrian Regime Sympathizers Hack BBC’s Twitter Accounts!


Two of the social media accounts of the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC were on Thursday hacked by a group that described itself as Syrian Electronic Army. The Twitter account, @bbcweather which be;longs to the BBC Weather suddenly started posting tweets that were not the normal type of the weather station’s characteristic tweets. The BBC Arabic account was also hacked.

The first tweet after the hackers struck was “Tsunami alert for Hafia. Residents are advised to return to Poland”. Then came another one, “Chaotic weather forecast for Lebanon as the government decides to distance itself from the Milky Way”. Other messages sent by the hackers include “Saudi weather station down due to head on collision with camel”. Then came political messages about the Syrian War, like “Hazardous fog warning for North Syria: Erdogan orders terrorists to launch chemical weapons at civilian areas.” One of the other political messages reads “Scandal: Edinburgh storm warning station decommissioned after maintenance fund diverted to arm Syrian opposition”.

As of the time of filing this report, the real owners of the accounts had not regained control over them.

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