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Boston Bombing Suspect Dies After Shootout With Police!


One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing has been shot dead. Four days after two bombs rocked the venue of the 2013 edition of the annual Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding more than 100 others, Boston was again set on edge as police went after two men believed to be involved in the bombing.

A policeman was shot dead on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus early on Friday after a vehicle was snatched at gunpoint   There was heavy gunfire in the campus of the MIT while a police search went on as part of investigations into the disturbance around the campus. The officer died of multiple gunshot wounds.  Watertown later witnessed heavy security presence as agents including those of the FBI, SWAT teams and helicopters was noticed in the early hours.

A few minutes after the shootout, a black Mercedes Benz was car-jacked at Kendall Square after which the police started chasing the suspects. One of the suspects whose images had been displayed by the FBI was taken into custody at Watertown and had to be rushed to the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston where he later died. Residents around Hazel St. reported that they heard about 90 shots, though the gunfight took place on Dexter Street and Laurel Street. Apart from shooting at the officers, the suspects also reportedly hurled explosive devices from the car while they tried to escape.

While the chase of the second suspect continues, Boston residents have been warned by the police to stay indoors and stay away from windows. They were also told not to answer the door or open their doors except for person(s) identified as police personnel.

Doctors have confirmed that the dead bombing suspect died of multiple injuries believed to be a combination of blast and gunshot wounds.

The suspects have been identified as brothers of Chechen origin, though they are both permanent residents of the United States. The one still at large is 19-year-old Dhzokar A. Tsamaev who was awarded a Cambridge City Scholarship last year. His 26-yer old brother, Tamarlan Tsamaev, who died in the gun duel became a legal resident of the U.S in 2007. While Tamarlan was born in Russia, his younger brother was born in Kyrgyzstan.

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