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Nigerians Welcome Mobile Number Portability!


What You Need To Know About The Service

Better days are here for mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria. Thanks to the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) which will enable subscribers to switch from a mobile phone network to another and retain their old phone numbers.  The introduction of the service came on the heels of a recent directive issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission that mobile subscribers in the country should be allowed to enjoy Mobile Number Portability like their counterparts in other countries.

Number portability is expected to cause telecoms operators to provide far better services as it promotes great competition in which subscribers can easily dump a network where the services of another network provider seem preferable.

The process of porting is simple, a subscriber is required to visit the destination network porting center or office or shop or representative and obtain a MNP form, fill it out with a valid ID. It has been announced that the process will take a maximum of 48hrs.

Porting is however not without some conditions. For instance, subscribers can port out only once in 90 days and once you port out of a network, any unused airtime or data balance disappears.
Subscribers will be required to get a new SIM from their destination network(s) (recipient) though they will retain their original phone numbers.
One other pleasant fact about porting is that it is free.

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