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US Foils Biological Substance Attacks On Obama,Senators!


. Two Letters Intercepted

. Congress Shuts Post Office

Amidst fears of an impending biological attack, the United States Senate and House of Representatives have temporarily shut their post offices. The closure became necessary after the interception of a letter sent to the Senate at a post office in Maryland, The letter was  found to carry traces of Ricin, a harmful substance usually found in castor beans.Ricin has been proved to be deadly if ingested.

After the interception of the first envelope, which was sent to Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi on Tuesday, just a day after three people were killed by a bomb during the Boston Marathon, another one has been discovered containing traces of the same substance on Wednesday. Officials disclosed that the second letter was addressed to the White House.

Findings revealed that the matter is not being taken lightly as it brings to mind the anthrax attacks that trailed the September 11, 2001 attacks orchestrated by the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

The FBI has since revealed that it has a suspect in mind, though the suspect’s identity has not been revealed, Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri disclosed that the suspect “writes a lot of letters to members” of the Congress.

FBI sources disclosed that the letter has been sent to a lab for further tests. There were initial reports that the letter might have originated from Tennessee, though it did not bear a return address.

Senator Wicker has criticized stricter gun controls for some weeks now. Investigations are still ongoing regarding why he has been chosen as the target for the attack.

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