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Street Journal’s Survey Shows Nigeria Is Not Moving Forward!


Results from an independent poll conducted online by Street Journal in April, 2013 have pointed in the direction that Nigeria is not moving forward. The reason for the response might have been predicated on the prevailing security situation in the country as well as a number of socio-economic factors. 64 % of the respondents believe the country is not moving forward. 27% however voted that the country is indeed moving forward while 13% were not sure.

Findings have revealed that the main thing keeping the country stagnated is corruption.

Several cases bordering on corruption have come up in courts since the beginning of the year and though some of them are cases that have held some sectors by the jugular, Nigerians are only praying that justice will truly be done. For instance, John Yusuf, a Director who pleaded guilty to the misappropriation of billions of Naira was handed a two-year jail term or an option of N 750,000. Anti-graft agencies already have fresh charges against him but not many are sure of what the outcome would be.

The fact that the number of high profile convictions secured by the anti-graft agencies has also made many lose hope in the war against corruption. The number of such convictions can still be counted on the fingertips. The trials of most of the former Governors charged for corrupt practices have dragged for years.

The plea bargain system seems to have also made a mockery of the judicial process as it allows public officials to steal more than enough and when they are dragged to court, they forfeit part of the loot and live happily ever after on the rest.

In the power sector, Nigerians had earlier been assured of regular supply of electricity with increased power generation only to be told by the Federal Government that the proposed 10,000 MW generation is no longer achievable in 2013.

The scourge of terrorism has also sent a number of states backward by a number of years, in terms of the destruction of human and material resources. Apart from the many wasted lives which cannot be quantified in monetary terms, to put back the damaged structures might cost billions of Naira. Moreover, the insecurity in those parts has crippled investments. International trade is also affected as foreign countries issue travel warnings to their nationals from time to time thus discouraging foreign investors.

Many of those who voted for the ruling party in the last presidential election have been expressing disappointment at the turn of events in the country, especially those who feel the Government is not doing enough in terms of securing the lives and property of citizens.


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