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Egyptian Regime Charges Morsi With Espionage!


Ousted Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi has been formally charged with espionage and is currently being remanded in custody.

Despite pressure and protests calling for the release and reinstatement of Mohammed Morsi who was overthrown on July 3, an investigating judge ordered that the former President be imprisoned for 15 days on formal charges.

Reports monitored on Egyptian State media indicated that the charges border on Morsi’s 2011 escape from the Wadi Natroun prison where he was held for two days by the government of former President Hosni Mubarak during the protests that eventually led to the end of Mubarak’s rule in Egypt.

Justice Hassan Samir, said Morsi conspired with Hamas, a Palestinian militant group to escape from the prison. It was also reported on Egyptian media that Morsi and Hamas carried out “aggressive acts in the country,” attacked police establishments and killed and kidnapped police officers and soldiers.

After his escape in 2011, Morsi had disclosed in a television interview that he was among 30 members the Muslim Brotherhood, who were released from the prison by a group of men they didn’t know.

A spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gehad al-Haddad, stated on Friday that the charges amounted to a condemnation of the revolt that ousted Mubarak. He said the charges “might increase the number of angry people on the ground. This will only help strengthen the realization that the Mubarak state is back.”

It is widely believed that the charges being pressed against the former President may increase the intensity of the protests and calls for his release and reinstatement.

As a result of the coup, Egypt stands suspended from all activities of the African Union.

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