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Power Changes Hands In Egypt As Army Sacks President Mursi!


Power again changed hands in Egypt as the army on Wednesday announced the overthrow of President Mohammad Mursi. Following protests which began on Sunday in which Egyptians called for the resignation of the President, General Abdel Fattah al-Sissief, head of the Egyptian armed forces announced the removal of the President and the suspension of the constitution in a television broadcast.

The President has also been moved to an undisclosed destination.

The Egyptian army disclosed that elections will be conducted and a new civilian government will be put in place promptly.

Meanwhile, the army has deployed men around protest sites and key military formations in the country.

Cairo, the Egyptian capital erupted in celebration after the announcement of Morsi’s removal as fireworks lit the sky all around Tahir Square where protesters had gathered since Sunday.

While outlining the plans of the coup leaders, al-Sissief pointed out that the plan includes parliamentary elections as well as the set-up of a committee  to review the constitution and the formation of a national reconciliation committee that will include youth movements. The Egyptian military also stated that they are not interested in a long term rule.

Meanwhile, an aide to the ousted president says Mt Mursi has called for a peaceful resistance to the move of the army against a democratically elected government.

In a swift reaction, the United States has ordered an evacuation of staff from its embassy in Cairo.

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