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NNPC Assures Nigerians of Availability of Kerosene!


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and its downstream subsidiary, the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC), wish to assure the general public that there is adequate supply of Dual Purpose Kerosene, DPK, even beyond the daily national demand in the country contrary to    alleged scarcity of the product in some sections of the media. This clarification has become necessary due to reports of scarcity of the product in some parts of the country. For the avoidance of doubt, the NNPC, through its subsidiary, The Pipelines And Products Marketing Company (PPMC) supplies between 10 to 11 million litres of kerosene daily which is distributed through allocations to licensed marketers such as Independent Petroleum Marketers Association Of Nigeria, (IPMAN), Depot And Petroleum Products Marketers Association, (DAPPMA), Major Marketers Association Of Nigeria (MOMAN) and NNPC Retail Limited who sell to the general public through their retail outlets. It is therefore a surprise to receive reports of scarcity in spite of the fact that NNPC/PPMC supply above the 8million litres national daily consumption. Our findings are that only the NNPC Retail and a few outlets sell DPK at the government approved price of N50 per liter while the other marketers who purchase the product from PPMC at government regulated price of N40.90k sell above the recommended price. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of regulatory agencies to fix the price of kerosene and enforce compliance with the government approved prices. It is also the responsibility of these regulatory agencies to ensure that the allocated petroleum products including kerosene reach the consumer at the approved prices as intended by government. Meanwhile, NNPC/PPMC has been sanctioning marketers and vessel owners who were suspected of involvement in sharp and unwholesome practices. It is also noteworthy that in realization of the need to implement government policy in providing cheaper domestic fuel abundantly to the Nigerian public, PPMC has worked assiduously in ensuring the provision of LPG as alternative to domestic fuel by rehabilitating and commissioning the LPG butanization plants at Ibadan, Kano, Gusau, Enugu and Gombe. We therefore call on all stakeholders to ensure that petroleum products including kerosene get to the general public at government approved prices as severe sanctions await any defaulter. NNPC/PPMC will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure even distribution of kerosene to all nooks and cranny of the country. The Corporation hereby advises members of the public not to engage in panic buying of the product as it has enough stock of kerosene to meet the daily national demand.   Tumini Green Ag. Group General Manager Group Public Affairs Division NNPC, Abuja. 6th August, 2013.


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