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Panic in Lagos as Flood Sweeps Lekki!


Residents of Lekki, a high brow area of Lagos were on Thursday gripped by panic as they watched their homes being flooded as a result of tidal waves which occurred between 3 and 6 am.

Street Journal gathered that the flood started on Thursday morning, and it was noticeable at the Silverbird TV premises and areas around it. Residents heaved a sigh of relief in the afternoon as the waters subsided. It was however for a short while as they called in the evening that the waters were flowing again.

Bose, one of the affected residents told Street Journal that “LASEMA (Lagos State Emergency Management Agency) were there this morning. They did control it, but the water started flowing again around 7 pm. I called the Lagos State Emergency again few minutes to 10 pm, I was told LASEMA will be informed.” She also said “I hope they respond quickly, the water is flowing back into Jakande Estate, Lekki Beach.”

Another resident who called around 10 pm said “where do we go now? We didn’t plan for this. We are watching, not sleeping. I don’t think help has come. We are hoping on God. If it becomes too much we will move. Everywhere is dark, no light.”

In view of an imminent ocean surge from the Atlantic Ocean, the Lagos State Government has advised those living around Lekki, Elegushi and Alpha Beaches to vacate the area to avoid loss of lives.

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