Decadence vs Corruption; The Two Vices Competing For a Nation’s Downfall


By Shittu Sunday Akorede


The literal meaning of decadence is “The state of being decadent or having degenerated in mental or moral qualities through indulging in sensual pleasures or immoral activities”

Nigeria is a country where in the past morality was not something that could be blighted but in the current clime, it seems to have degraded from the status of a virtue to a vice called Decadence.

In the history of Nigeria, irrespective of the region, certain moral virtues are unique and it was upon these virtues, our society was built. These include: respect for elders, sanctity of marital vows, respect for mutual agreements etc.
All these virtues have been degraded by minds of the generality which is nearing the status of being reprobate or one can say minds have already attained this status.

Decadence ranging from disrespect for elders and peers alike, fornication/adultery, incest, bestiality, homosexuality, bi-sexuality to mention but a few in terms of keeping to marital vows and people dishonouring gentleman’s agreement as a result of lack of discipline to keep to one’s word and greed.

This decadence has eaten so deep into our embers that even married men and women no longer see marriage as being chaste as they now sleep with partners outside their marriages as if they are animals in the jungle being controlled by instinct. Women sell their bodies for economic gains. Men on their part capitalize on this and have a field day with the women.

Mahatma Gandhi in his 7 deadly sins stated that: Pleasure without Conscience is a deadly sin. People now engage in unimaginable amorous relationships which their sanity cannot justify.


Corruption means a state of putrefaction (decay) usually accompanied by an offensive odour.

Corruption on its own is said to be eating deep into the structure on which our society was hewn. It’s the canker tearing our values apart and installing an ideology of greed and self aggrandisement into the minds of the populace.

It’s the reason why the wealth of the nation is divided amongst a few elite and non-elite alike.

Mahatma Gandhi enthused that there is enough wealth for everybody’s need but not enough for everybody’s greed and this paints the picture of how greed-led corruption has been the order of the day in the Nigerian Society.

In a country of over 160 million people and a yearly budget of over N 4 trillion (in the last 3yrs), yet the common man walking the street, lives on below $1 daily income. The country is so blessed with resources and even the revenue from the only resource being tapped majorly is been squandered.

Our senators/politicians are the highest paid world wide over, yet they fail to deliver the fruit of their bountiful rewards. What they give is unending looting of the nation’s treasury.

They award contracts to themselves and their stooges at ridiculous prices and yet will not deliver a quality job for contracts awarded.

The wealth of the nation is being moved secretly overseas to be hidden and thereby developing their own economy and leaving our own very nation in penury.

The country has been unable to put her local refinery to work optimally and new ones are not being built; whereas, neigbouring countries are achieving this without any fuse all because of this same corruption.

Mahatma Gandhi in the same 7 deadly sins said: “wealth without work and commerce without morality” are both deadly sins. We engage in both without conscience. Our political leaders who are suppose to be above board and ensure the country is on the right track in the short and long term are not interested in all that but they are all trying to outsmart each other in corruption.

Our founding fathers will be rolling in their grave when they see how far we have taken the country to in terms of development as a society.

These two vices if unchecked and goes in this continuum, posterity will curse those who were supposed to have laid the right foundation for them.

Shittu Sunday Akorede

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