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Akure Gets New Regent!


Following the demise of Oba Adebiyi Adesida Afunbiowo II about a month ago, the kingmakers of the town have installed his first daughter, Princess Adetutu Adesida-Dike as the Regent who will administer the town’s affairs pending the coronation of the next Deji of Akure.

The Regent was installed late on Saturday evening and she promised to continue from where her father stopped. Princess Adesida-Dike is a US based pharmacist. While speaking after her installation, she said “the regency can not disturb my role as a mother and wife and as a career woman, i have also taken leave of absence from my place of work in the United States, my husband knows that I am a Princess before he agreed to marry me and he also knows that anytime my father died as a king, I have to assume this position, so there won’t be any problem.

“I know this is a duty i have to perform, so i have called on my God to help me succeed in the journey and  help the kingmakers to choose the right person to be the next king.”

She called for support from the Ondo State Government and from the people of Ajure in order to achieve success in the task laid before her.

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