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Nigeria on The Brink: How Boko Haram Plans to Break the Country in 2015!


As Nigerians, especially those in the political class warm up ahead of the 2015 general elections, citizens in many parts of the country count their losses as a result of internal strife.

While many have chosen to disregard, disbelieve and discountenance the postulations that the country might eventually break up in 2015, some are of the opinion that it might just happen as predicted, considering the political situation the country has found itself in. United States agencies as well as a number of spiritualists have warned that Africa’s most populous nation might cease to exist after the 2015 general elections.

Apart from the political chauvinism that has taken over the ruling class, with defection as the order of the day, reports filter in from different geo-political zones of the country that all is not well. Tales of sorrow and bloodshed have become almost a daily occurrence in the country, not even the security agents seem to be immune.

Soldiers are lost almost on a daily basis to the menacing attack of terrorists. In the last three weeks, the Boko Haram insurgents have killed scores of people in vicious attacks on different parts of the country. The fact that these attacks took place in areas that have been placed under a state of emergency by the President has already started generating comments and questions bordering on the efficiency of the declaration of state of emergency in those areas.

Street Journal’s findings have indeed shown that the deadly terrorist sect might have gone to the drawing board to fashion out ways of putting an end to the unity of Nigeria.

The sect which is believed to enjoy support from some prominent citizens especially politicians, has over the years tried unsuccessfully to provoke retaliations that would be the basis of ethnic wars.

Months ago, a stockpile of arms was uncovered in Lagos, leading to speculations that Boko Haram was making moves to strike in the state. In Rivers State recently, about 17 buses were intercepted and the occupants arrested on suspicion of having links with the sect.

It is already established that the sect has operational cells in the middle belt region including Kogi State. Findings have also revealed that the sect is pushing towards establishing a cell in Lagos, which would terrorize Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre and the entire South West region. Investigations have shown that plots are being hatched by the Boko Haram sect to storm Lagos based on the premise that a strike in Lagos will provoke reprisals and set Nigerians against their compatriots. With its composition of people from almost every state of the federation, any hit in Lagos will likely have resounding effects.

For years now, most Nigerians have refused to be drawn into what has been tagged a “senseless war” despite the sect’s exhibition of murderous tendencies with some of their heinous crimes recorded and the videos posted on the internet.

About two weeks ago, more than 20 worshippers had their throats slit by terrorists who swooped on a Catholic church in Waga Chakawa, Madagali Local Government area of Adamawa State. Dozens of others who tried to escape were gunned down by the terror minded agents of death.

Within hours of the attack on Waga Chakawa, a busy market was bombed in Konduga Local Government in Borno State while many of the houses there were torched.

A few days before then, some soldiers had been killed by Fulani herdsmen in the Agatu area of Benue State.

No state seems to be spared the violence. In Bauchi, a police station was razed down by gunmen who shot one of the officers on duty. Another officer was traced to his house and killed.

With daily occurrences of dastardly acts of murder and brazen disregard for human lives, Nigerians are increasingly getting a feeling that the armed forces may not actually be in control of the situation as they are being made to believe. Not even the appointment of new service chiefs for the military has in any way changed the position.

To some, the country is fighting on many fronts security agents are gradually being overwhelmed by the challenging situation which continues to degenerate by the day, especially where herdsmen now carry assault rifles and can take on soldiers.

– Wole Adejumo

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