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Legislators, Workers Flee as Bomb Scare Rocks National Assembly!


Legislators and members of staff of the National Assembly as well as those of the banks within the premises were forced to make a run for their lives following a bomb scare on Tuesday.

After it had been established that there was a strange and suspicious movement of a group of people whose mission in the assembly premises could not be ascertained just before 2 pm, lawmakers gathered In groups to discuss the situation.

The attention of security operatives was quickly drawn. The response of the security operatives apparently heightened the fear that had already pervaded the atmosphere.

Security agents mounted all entrances and subjected people to checks. Before long, officials started directing their staff to lock up and close for the day.

Seeing that most workers were closing for the day earlier than usual, with people struggling to get out of the complex as quickly as possible, bankers around too followed suit.

Mr. Ibrahim Ndako, the Acting Sergeant at Arms disclosed to journalists that there was no bomb scare in the complex. He said those hurrying to go home were merely reacting to rumours.  “There is nothing like bomb scare, it is just a rumour. Those banks chose to close because we have assured them that there is nothing like that. It’s just mere rumour”, he said.

In a related development, members of staff of the Ministry of Justice too closed early apparently to forestall any security breach.

People in the Federal Capital are living in a state of fear following the bomb attack that rocked the Nyanya park on Monday morning.

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