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Don’t be Pushed Around, Mr. President: The Time Has Come For You To Use Your Power


By: Tunji Idowu | tunji.faith@gmail.com
The abduction of Chibok school girls and the incessant terrorist attacks in Nigeria continue to bring the office of the Nigerian President to disrepute. It has exposed the President to all sorts of attacks from the public and the media, both at home and abroad- It has left Nigeria very vulnerable.
The President is clearly in a state of confusion as he struggles to figure out the best way to respond and deal decisively with the problem. I suspect that the confusion stems from too many voices competing for relevance in the President’s ears; so you appear to be faced with the dilemma as to which voice to really listen to, knowing fully well the politics of interest in Nigeria vis-a-vis your re-election bid. The president should however know one thing: every other issue must be relegated at this point in time.
The basis on which Nigerians are likely to consider giving you the second chance would be based on the outcome of the rescue mission of the abducted girls and checkmating the Boko Haram insurgency. Luckily, the management of the Nigerian economy is in the capable hands of Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala which is being well complemented by Dr. Olusegun Aganga and Mr. Akinwumi Adesina.
Now is the time for you to get yourself some smart clothing and roll your sleeves up. You have a serious job to do, and you cannot afford to fail. Moreover, time is not on your side Sir. The project that you have to handle has four (4) strands:- (a) to safely bring back the abducted girls (b) to dismantle the Boko Haram structure (c) to mercilessly crush Boko Haram to its core roots and (d) secure porous Nigerian borders. It is a serious task considering the complexity and dynamics of the project, and that is reason why you must adopt project management approach to its execution whilst you have to be the project manager and coordinator in order to achieve the set objectives. The timeline is very short Mr. President, but the project is deliverable within the timeline with full understanding of the task difficulties, effective strategies, adherence to task delivery, and attention to detail.
You may want to set up three different teams; mixing the best brains within the Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force, SSS and the Police. Assign trusted, fearless and competent young men and women to roles that may compromise or jeopardise the outcome of the objective. Make them team leaders and offer them good remuneration packages, on ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement. Members in each team must be small for effectiveness and confidentiality management. As you know that in project management, you must first ask one critical question: “What are the things that will not make the project(s) succeed?” Meaning that you must identify all the risks and threats to the success of the project, list them all, and quantify them according the gravity of each. Remember that the success of the project will complement steady economic growth and will be a huge consideration for you to secure your re-election.
Having identified all the risks and threats, begin to devise strategies to mitigate every single one of them. Sir, remember that some risks need to be crushed instantly while you have to constantly monitor and manage others (internal and external). Negotiate but don’t compromise, use your strength. In fact, this is the time you must use your power; Nigerians are fully behind you as long as the project is delivered. Use this position to the maximum, because it’s your greatest strength. At the end of the day, you still call the shots in Nigeria today- don’t sleep, don’t rest- command, direct, coordinate… And this is important, set up a secure line for hourly report and be on top of the project.
It is possible that some personal confidential arrangements may hinder you from the task. I will advise that you take care of it- secure what you can, and let go of disposables because I strongly suspect that the outcome of the ongoing fight against Boko Haram will not only secure you re-election but would define your presidency. Remember, the people that seem indispensable may be influential but not as influential as the 170 million Nigerians who will be overjoyed when you finally announce the end of these twisted minds.
You might have put some of these suggestions in place. However, it is equally helpful to assure you of our support. As a stakeholder in Nigeria, it is very important to me that you succeed in this project because I know that failure to crush this Boko Haram insurgency will be very costly to all Nigerians, the effect will be very devastating to us all. I truly wish you the very best Sir.
{Mr. ‘Tunji Idowu is a veteran journalist based in Dublin, Ireland}.

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