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Another Mutiny Looms as Soldiers Refuse To Use Old Equipment Against Boko Haram


Reports on BBC Hausa Service on Tuesday indicated that about 40 Nigerian soldiers have defied direct orders from the military authorities to move up north and partake in the anti-terror war going on in the country.
The soldiers refused to move unless the authorities provide them with better equipment.
While speaking with the BBC Hausa Service, one of the defiant soldiers disclosed that the Nigerian Army has lost many men in the war against terror because of the obsolete equipment being used.

He said “soldiers are dying like fowl. The Nigerian army is not ready to fight Boko Haram. Boko Haram are inside the bush, everywhere. They are sacrificing soldiers.”

He particularly spoke on the armoured personnel carriers being used which he sad have become outdated. He also stated that he and his colleagues cannot be made to face court martial because they have not refused to take part in the anti-terror war, they have only asked to be equipped adequately.

“I joined the army to defend my country but you cannot defend it without being equipped to do so” he concluded.

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