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Oritsejafor Has Turned CAN Into A “Sorry Appendage” Of The Federal Government – Senator


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Responding to the recent arms-smuggling scandal which took place in South Africa last week, Senator George Akume, Senate Minority Leader, condemned Pastor Oritsejafor and the Christian Association of Nigeria’s handling of the events.

A Christian, Akume accuses Oritsejafor in a press release today of championing a “clearly criminal, immoral and unethical act” and attempting to mask it with “religious grandstanding”. “[Oritsejafor’s] arguments are unsustainable because he has vicarious liability at several levels,” Akume said. “One, the vessel used for criminal activity belongs to him.

Secondly, he commercially leased the vessel to Eagle Air, which is a company he holds an interest in and which in turn further leased same to the company that converted it to commercial use with his full knowledge and approval. The chain of ethical liability is unbroken,” the senator stated.

Akume also decried CAN’s response to the situation, saying the body has become a political entity since the installation of its current leadership. “Since the present CAN leadership came on board, CAN has become a sorry appendage of the villa. It has become politically partisan, obscenely materialistic and the voice of the oppressor rather than the oppressed. The situation degenerated to a state that the single largest block of CAN, which is, the Catholic Church suspended itself from the national leadership of

CAN until “sanity” returns to the leadership,” Akume said.
He furthered: “The present leadership of CAN has never raised a comment on the legion of scandals President Jonathan has buffeted Nigerians with. CAN was not heard on the fuel subsidy scam, pension scam, kerosene scam, Deizani’s myriad of sleazes, etc. etc.

Rather, CAN is badmouthing any Nigerian who dares to admonish or even interrogate the series of controversies Pastor Oritsejafor is visiting on Christendom.”
Akume ended with a plea to Pastor Oritsejafor to sell his private jet and use the funds to “reconstruct or rehabilitate churches destroyed by Boko Haram in the northeast

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