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Surrendered Boko Haram Members To Be Rehabilitated


The Federal Government said yesterday that it will soon commence the process of rehabilitating and de-radicalizing all the Boko Haram members that have surrendered their arms and weapons in the last one week.
The Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mike Omeri, who stated this while briefing journalists at the centre in Abuja, said any member of the sect apprehended without surrendering their weapons and arms will be brought to justice.
“As am speaking with you, efforts are on-going to rehabilitate and de-radicalize all the Boko Haram members that have surrendered their arms within the last one week, he said
He said religious leaders, the school system as well of residents of the area where the surrendered insurgents are being detained will assist in the rehabilitation process.
According to him, the Nigeria armed forces on ground in the North East have discovered the winning strategy and will not rest until peace and security is restored to the troubled spot.
Omeri urged all Nigerians to remain steadfast in their support to ensure that terrorism in the country is brought to an end.
“All Nigerians are advised to support the current fight, it will not last forever and I believe it will soon come to an end”he said
Speaking on the abducted Chibok girls, Omeri said the federal government is working towards ensuring the eventual release and rescue of the girls.
“It is a global challenge which Nigeria will soon overcome, the federal government is embarking on various measures to rescue them within the shortest possible time”said Omeri
On the issue of one of the abducted girls that escaped from the Boko Haram custody, the Police Spokesperson, Emmanuel Ojukwu, said on 24th September around 17 hours, which is 5pm, a girl of about 20 years was seen at Mararaba area of Mubi, Adamawa State wandering around, she was picked up and upon interrogation, she was discovered to be one of the abducted chibok girlswho was was able to escape”.

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  1. The decision of the Federal Government to rehabilitate all the Boko Haram members that have surrendered is quite magnanimous of our dear government. This is of the adage that you don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. Ordinarily, these group should be tried and made to pay for their sins of the genocide. So far, it is estimated by Jonathan that Boko haram have wasted 13000 Nigerian lives. This is a group that have proven they are enemies but now spared and forgiven to be given a new lease of life. In the rehabilitation process, the government will further invest in them from the tax payers money. Personally I am ok with the decision of the government. Now you know my worry? it is about our dear 15 soldiers who fought them to regain Nigeria until they lost patience to commit mutiny. There are several calls from some quarters to spare their lives but the senate have said they as senate will not intervene for the military to keep up with discipline in the army. This is good too. Now my ground for leniency is, if the dangerous Boko Haram is being granted amnesty? rehabilitation? let our 15 soldiers who have helped Nigeria to fight —for once bend the law to spare them. Let not Boko Haram laugh at our unfortunate soldiers after all, they had agreed to risk their lives in the first place. Dear military, kindly let them off the hook for the sake of these Boko Harams that will enjoy our tax payers money in rehabilitation. Some of the people they have killed paid their tax as well. Sparing this soldiers will not cause further indiscipline in the army. This is a special situation and this is my feeling. God bless our country.

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