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NEWS FLASH: Another Fuel Tanker Accident In Ibadan


What could have resulted in another fire disaster was miraculously averted this morning at the Efunsatan roundabout, Challenge, Ibadan when a 33,000 fuel tanker laden with kerosene crashed less than two kilometres away from the scene of the Molete fire incident of two weeks ago.

The crash which occurred around 8:05 am, did not record any causality though.Residents were full of praise unto the God almighty that the content was not petroleum. There was pandemonium in the neighborhood as motorists raced to remove their cars to a safe haven as the content of the ranker, erroneously suspected to be petrol, gushed out in large quantity. As God would have it, the content found a channel of escape in the deep drainage recently constructed as part of the new Ibadan ring-road project of the Oyo State government.
When The Street Journal visited the scene of the accident, residents were seen scooping kerosene from the tanker as no security operative was sighted to maintain law and order in the area.

Investigation revealed that the ensuing disaster would have been worse that the recent Molete fire incident where about 50 people lost their lives. Over 30 buses parked at the Ijebu motor park adjacent the scene of the accident would have been consumed by fire with the occupants. The environmental sanitation exercise being observed has however, prevented commuters to be at the motor park, but the drivers and touts would have been most vulnerable.
”We thank God that the tanker is not loaded with petrol; the entire Challenge/Telele would have been consumed by fire now” said a resident, Pastor Adedotun Campbell.

It was gathered that he accident occurred when the fuel tanker lost control of the vehicle as a result of brake failure. The tanker was coming from the Toll-gate end of the ancient city of Ibadan en-route Molete end of the metropolis.

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