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ADVERTORIAL: Obasanjo Most Guilty Of Impunity-Trust & Integrity Coalition


Dr Chris Ngige, as governor of Anambra state, was abducted by Obasanjo’s associates. Have we forgotten the illegal impeachment of Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja as governor of Oyo state. What about the impeachment of Chief Joshua Dariye
as governor of Plateau by eight out of 24 lawmakers? For 3 years, Obasanjo unconstitutionally withheld Lagos council allocations because of political differences. It took. Yar’Adua only a few days in power to undo the impunity.
Has anybody ever managed to read the affidavit Obasanjo’s own son, Gbenga, filed while seeking a divorce from his wife on the ground of incest and adultery? Has anybody ever taken time to read the letter Iyabo wrote to her father, giving graphic details of his megalomania and duplicity? Has anybody ever done a recap of the blatant rigging of elections under the “saint”?.
Abacha’s regime aside, more Nigerians were assasinated under Obasanjo’s watch than any time in our history. The abridged roll-call: Chief Bola Ige, a serving minister; Chief Marshall Harry, co-ordinator of the Buhari presidential campaign in 2003; Chief AK Dikibo, PDP chieftain and ally of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar; Chief Uche Ogbonnaya (OGB), an ANPP senatorial candidate in Imo state in 2003; and Mr. Barnabas Igwe and his wife, Amaka, in Onitsha. The assasins were never unmasked. What is insecurity?.
It is on record that Boko Haram started right under Obasanjo’s nose. If he had aborted the foetus, maybe we wouldn’t be engaged in fire-fighting today.How well did he crush the less complex militancy in the Niger Delta? Was it not under Obasanjo that the militancy started in 2004 and flourished? Militants were bombing oil
installations and kidnapping oil workers with ease under Obasanjo. At a stage, daily crude oil production fell to about 900,000 barrels- from the height of 2.5m. No wonder OBJ picked GEJ as running mate to Yar’Adua, to appease Niger Delta. Thank God for the amnesty deal.
Obasanjo and the electricity problem for 8 years. Do we still remember that OBJ spent $16 billion on power without results? Of course,he arrogantly refused to appear before the House probe panel to defend the spending. The report was later killed. He did not add a single coach to the railways throughout his tenure despite spending billions of dollars. Many federal highways were in terrible state for the 8 years he spent in power.
Does anybody remember that Obasanjo was in power for 8 years and we kept importing fuel, with PDP financiers getting the contracts through local and foreign fronts? Does anybody remember how much we spent on repairing refineries that kept “knocking” for the 8 years he was in power? And he said on National TV that he did not know the price of kerosene and it was “unacceptable” that it was more expensive than petrol.
Has anyone never heard about Halliburton and Siemens scandals? The damning reports are there in the attorney-general’s office. Dr. Julius Makanjuola, PS of the monistry of defence was implicated in a N421 million scandal. Mysteriously, the case was abruptly closed with Nolle Posequi (no further prosecution) – the first in Nigeria’s history.
Trust & Integrity Coalition (TIC)

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