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Retired, Serving Generals, Politicians Behind Plot To Form An Interim Government- Wole Soyinka


Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, in a TV interview sheds more light on a plot to impose an interim government in an attempt to scuttle Nigeria’s upcoming elections. The popular writer and professor of literature stand that after investigating the plot he approached President Goodluck Jonathan to find out if he was involved, according to him, the president denied any involvement.
”It’s very difficult to penetrate the mind of a politician, but going by his body language,Jonathan has no intention of scuttling the elections”, he said, adding that he assurances from the president that elections would not be postponed again. He said the president made it clear to him that the idea of an interim government would be demeaning for him having be elected by the majority of Nigerians.
He pointed out tha Jonathan had said he would go back to his village if he lost the election. He however, noted with dismay that there are some arrogant forces who are behind the heating up of the polity.

Prof. Soyinka warns Nigerians that if care is not taken a shadowy group of former and serving military generals including some politicians might overthrow Nigeria’s democracy.
According to the revered professor, this is the most dangerous season of the election for Nigeria due to many factors.In spite of the crisis of insurgency and kidnapping in some parts of the country, he lamented that some people in the country see this as an opportunity to oil the wheel of their political machinery so that Nigerians would not be united again against the enemies,

Prof Soyinka noted with dismay that such people with sinister motif see this situation as an opportunity to sow seed of discord and the fueling of illegal power grabbing in Nigeria.


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