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Greed Main Reason PDP Members Defected into APC In Bayelsa –Dickson


The Bayelsa State Government berated some defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the aegis of the Bayelsa Peoples Consultative Assembly stating that the reasons they offered for their defection into the APC were untenable.

A statement from the Government House signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, said, the accusations leveled by the defectors against the governor were misplaced, stressing that it was rather greed that motivated their action.

The defectors had in a recent advertorial expressed dissatisfaction with Governor Seriake Dickson over alleged high-handedness in running the affairs in the state.

They had asked whether the strategic interest of Bayelsa State could still be served through the PDP, stating that the joined the APC to effect a new direction in the governance of the state.

Iworiso, in the statement said, “As a democrat, Governor Seriake Dickson believes that, the proponents of the Bayelsa Peoples Consultative Assembly have the inalienable right to association, but also conscious of the moral baggage of such tendency and indeed the motif.

“What is their objective in politics? Obviously this is an opportunistic lobby group, desperately in search of power without any modicum of integrity.

They should be reminded that contrary to their assertions, they actually constitute the problem of development in the state and not Governor Seriake Dickson.

“What is playing out is an offshoot of the governor’s long running battle with this class of politicians on the proper utilization of state resources to serve the people and never to serve the greed of the few.

“Their selfish conception of politics and attitude in government are what had retarded development in the state since the era of the late statesman, Chief MelfordOkilo. Bayelsans can never exchange the present peace and tranquility in the state as well as the unprecedented level of development for the chaos and unmitigated rent culture of the past.

“To the unsuspecting public, the body sounded patriotic, but it is all a charade: the driving force of its members is to return the state to the status quo, where the resources of the state are shared among a few greedy lot at the expense of state development. This is the truth.

Since 1999, these are the same people, who benefited in state and federal appointments, which came with huge influence and privileges, but what did they do with such power and influence? What has been their contribution to economic development and empowerment of Bayelsans?

Seriake Dickson2

“All they want is free access to money, which will enable them to live big at the expense of development and this is the point of departure between them and Governor Dickson.

“So the motif of the body’s hypocritical declarations is the issue rather than the governor and his rising profile of remarkable accomplishments in development in the last three years in the area of education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, economic diversification and empowerment.”

The statement further noted that, the decision by members of the body to join the APC would not make any difference in the electoral fortune of the PDP in the forthcoming elections, adding that the people of the state would vote en-mass for the reelection of Governor Dickson in appreciation of his performance in office.

“It is now harder for them to win no matter how they try in a free and fair election and with regards to what is on the ground in the state. It is assuring that the good people of Bayelsa State will vote en-mass for the re-election of Governor Seriake Dickson to appreciate his performance and continue the good job he’s doing”

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