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Ramadan: Buhari Appeals To Misguided Brothers To Drop Arms, Embrace Peace


President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to pray for the return of peace, love and prosperity throughout the country as Muslims start the 2015 Ramadan fast.

The President in a message signed by the Senior Special Assistant (Media and Publicity), Garba Shehu, implored Muslims to seek maximum benefits from the Ramadan period “by being helpful to all manner of people, learning and following the true message of the religion as taught by the Holy Prophet.” Also He appealed to misguided brothers to drop arms, embrace peace which Islam stands for.

The President in his message directed an appeal to the perpetrators of violence and destruction in the name of Islam all over the world to desist from tarnishing the name of the religion.

“As we make collective efforts to bring to a permanent end the menace of the Boko Haram in the Lake Chad basin countries, let me use this auspicious occasion to appeal to our misguided brothers to drop their arms, embrace peace and seek a better understanding of Islam during this Holy period and beyond,” Buhari said.

The President prayed to Allah to bring peace and harmony to all parts of the country and the world at large.

“I wish all our citizens a blessed Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak,” the statement concluded.

Atiku urges Muslims to pray for peace

Also the former Vice President Abubakar Atiku called on Muslims to pray for the peace of the country which has been facing the grimmest challenge with the monster of terrorism disrupting social and economic life of the people.

In a statement in Abuja on Wednesday, Atiku said he was constantly saddened by the frequent explosion of conflicts and violence, which poses threat to the country’s peace.

President Buhari Portrait

According to Atiku, Muslim leaders should intensify efforts to eliminate the influence of extremists in the life of Muslims, calling on political leaders to show extra vigilance to stem the growth of extremism.

The Turaki Adamawa expressed sadness that people have been turned to captives of fear because of the spectre of terrorism.

He called for urgent action to attack the roots of terrorism by attacking the ideology.

To attack the ideology, he explained that innocent Muslim disciples should be shielded from the influences of extremist teachers, who might exploit their ignorance and push them into criminal atrocities.

Atiku also expressed his sadness at how a minority group of misguided bigots are giving innocent Muslims a baggage of negative image.

He, however, advised Muslims to continue to pray for the peace of Nigeria.


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  1. His first major mistake was to call Boko Haram anybody’s brothers. Nigeria’s Christian population doesn’t stand a chance now that an Islamist is in charge.

  2. Good choice for a President. Now I will go eat some nails and glass.

    1. I take God beg u make u take acid wash am so that it will be quick. I will celebrate your passage with snails and wine glasses!

      1. What the hell are you saying? Maybe you can be the communications directors for an idiot president of filth.

        1. Ha ha ha! Laugher wan choke me

          1. Hope so. Choke well.

  3. Your brother, GEJ did more than that, he referred to them (Boko Haram) as his SIBLINGS and goes further to assure us that he will not harm them!

  4. No true and aware Muslim would refer to the BH dissidents as Brothers, qualified or not. I have carefully read even this ILL-TITLED article and insist that President GMB has never referred to the insurgents as “Brothers” anywhere and anytime.

    This is how short-reasoning and prejudiced people become Victims of DISGUISED HATE HEADLINES that are the open trade-marks of Gutter Journalism to which a STREET JOURNAL may freely subscribe in the secular Cocoon of doomed Islamophobia. Check out Tim’s comment among others, trailing the article.

    Boko Haram and related evil scourges will remain in all fairness a product or simulation of the rampaging and hideous project of Godlessness/Atheism modernized as Secularity. The earlier honest Peoples of True Faith realize this, the better for all of us.

    For people with minimum IQ, analysis of MATERIAL/BLOOD Gainers and Losers give great clues to Factories of the Terror/Anti-Terror evil Scissors.

    Suffice again to restate that Islamic Faith compels belief in the “Injeel” of the immaculately conceived Jesus – Prince of Peace and redeemer of Israeli House – in Baytul Lahm aka Bethlehem. Fight between true followers of Muhammad and those of this true Jesus of Nazareth therefore remain abysmally UNTHINKABLE and NEVER FOUNDED in all sane factors and measures.


    I see GMB, with due regards, as a simple admirable pious Muslim from the Fulani people, with no proven record of “Islamization or Islamic Work” anywhere. And if “Islamist” – as constructed in Europe – is meant as appearing to describe anyone seriously devoted or committed to the cause of Islam; then the equivalence of Europe’s concocted “Islamism” is
    Evangelism in Europe’s Christian encyclopedia. So, who then justifiably develops stomach ulcer or brain cancer even if GMB of uncommon integrity decides to be an “Islamist” running the affairs of Nigeria with an Elite and very Senior Evangelist Professor Yemi Osibajo of the RCCG fame?

    Oh God-Almighty, please help Nigeria and help GMB for Nigeria has evolved more UNEDUCATED inspite of profuse reading/literacy; HUNGRY inspite of natural abundance; and INSECURE inspite of robbery-High allocations for Defense – this is what 16 years of Demo-Secularity ruling with Islamophobic spirit bequeathed to the proud Muslim GMB!

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