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Ban Use of Veil, ECOWAS Tells Countries Fighting Boko Haram


Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) leaders have made a stunning recommendation to countries fighting insurgencies after a two-day meeting that ended in Abuja, Friday.
Stop moslem women from wearing full-face veils as part of effort to limit the growing number of Boko Haram female suicide bombings, the countries were told.
Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun have been having a running battle with the terrorist group, Boko Haram for years now.
ECOWAS President Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, who made this known to reporters at the close of a two-day summit, said ountries should enforce the ban “in line with their national realities.”
The move, he noted, would forbid dress that prevents security personnel from searching and identifying women.
In the past few months the Boko Haram sects have used young women and girls as suicide bombers by hiding explosives in their loose-fitting clothes.
Niger, Senegal and Cameroon have all banned the wearing of full-face veils in public.
Boko Haram uprising started in Borno State, north east Nigeria in 2002 as a Islamist group
After its founding in 2002, its ncreasing radicalisation led to a violent uprising in July 2009 in which its leader was summarily executed. Its unexpected resurgence, following a mass prison break in September 2010, was accompanied by increasingly sophisticated attacks, initially against soft targets, and progressing in 2011 to include suicide bombings of police buildings and the United Nations office in Abuja. The government’s establishment of a state of emergency at the beginning of 2012, extended in the following year to cover the entire northeast of Nigeria,did not stem the tide.
It quickly spread to other states in the region, culminating in kidnapping of over 200 pupils, mostly girls in April 2014.
But the group has since spread its terrorist attacks to other West African countries.
The group has kiled over 20,000 and displaced over 2 .3 million people from their homes.

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