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Armed Robber Invaded Church During Service In Dublin.


A man remains at large after carrying out an armed robbery at an evangelical church service in Ballymun, Dublin.
At about 12pm yesterday the man, carrying a sawn off shotgun, entered the Compassion Centre at the Ballymun Industrial Estate during a service attended by about 70 people, including many children.
He ordered members of the congregation to lie on the ground and proceeded to steal their belongings. He also pointed his gun at the heads of some members.
He warned the congregation that “you might meet your maker today,” a witness said, and told them not to follow him out of the building.
The ordeal lasted about 10 to 20 minutes, according to witnesses, before the man fled in a blue Fiat Panda car, which he stole from one of the church goers.
Gardaí recovered the vehicle but the man remains at large.
Senior pastor John Eniola said the man had been threatening and screaming at members of the congregation.
“He just came in from the back holding a shotgun, with a balaclava on his face. He just came in. ‘Don’t mess with me, I’m not joking. Bring out your wallet, bring out your phones. If you mess I will shoot.’
“He was screaming, he was threatening. Then he took his gun and put it to the head of one of the guys and told him to take a bag and collect from everybody. He put the gun to his head and he was threatening to shoot.”
The Compassion Centre has been in Ballymun since August 2014. It is an evangelical Christian centre which runs church services and community programmes.

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