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Judgement Day for Four Police Officers in Edo

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For four policemen attached to the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Lagos Police
Command, their judgrment day has come quickly.
The four policemen – Adedeji Adeleke (33), Oniyo Musa (35), Abena John (33)
and Henry Shobowale (32) _ who were assigned to investigate a report on a
stolen car in Edo State rather than carry out the assignment as instructed
decided to play a fast one.
They are being accused of killing a car dealer Benson Olode and using his
ATM to withdraw N200,000 from his bank account before killing him.
The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Chris Ezike, who briefed journalists
on the incident, said the four police were arrested after Homicide
Detectives from Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department
were ordered to investigate the four officers.
Ezike said the four policemen have been tried, dismissed from the Force and
charged for murder.
The late Benson, on May 21, 2015 was arrested by a team of armed policemen
from Lagos Command accompanied with some officers from the Edo State Police
Comman without disclosing his offence.
The late Benson, according to family members, was a humble young
businessman whose source of livelihood was derived from profits he earned
from his car business.
According to the family member: “I was called on phone that people were
holding my younger brother and when I got there, I saw his landlord and
other people holding him down. I asked what happened and he said he didn’t
now but that they said the police came to arrest him but that he couldn’t
tell what offence he had committed. Not quite long after, the policemen
came back in a Toyota Highlander. They wore earrings and dreadlocks. If not
for the police colour on their rifles, I would have doubted if they were
indeed real policemen. I asked them of what my brother had done, they said
I didn’t have any right to ask them questions. I begged that they should
tell me but they did not talk to me. One of them collected my phone. I had
to go back home, dressed up and went back to the state command. We saw the
policemen and tried to talk to them but they did not allow us to talk at
“We waited endlessly to see who could talk to us but nobody did. We went to
see OC SARS here in Edo State but he did not attend to us too. They only
told us later that he bought a stolen vehicle and that he was an armed
robber; I was surprised. He stayed with me for a long time and he never
took my money. If he didn’t have money, he always requested from me and I
would give him. The policeman insisted that he is a thief and that they are
‘scorpion SARS’ from Lagos.
“The next day, May 22nd, we went back with a lawyer since nobody was
listening to us so that they could talk to him and if possible, see my
brother so that we could ask him some questions. But they did not allow the
lawyer to talk to them. The lawyer waited and eventually, they said he was

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