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Reason Gov. Oshiomhole Prefers Godwin Obaseki to be Edo Governor


All the denials that Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has no preferred candidate and that he won’t be a godfather to any aspirant in the forth coming governorship primaries of All Progressive Congress to elect the party’s candidate in the November governorship election in the state, is a fluke after all.
Going by the words of Political Adviser to the Governor, Charles Idahosa, Oshiomhole is wholeheartedly behind the candidature of Godwin Obaseki.
Idahosa, Thursday, explained Oshiomhole’s preference for Obaseki among other aspirants to succeed him when he leaves office in November this year.
Idahosa who overruled the possibility of changing the delegates list of the party (APC) alleyed the fear of imposition of a candidate, further assured there will be a level playing ground where all the party delegates would be allowed to vote for a candidate of their choice.
But in what looked like contradiction, the Special Adviser who spoke in Benin City, capital of Edo state, noted that governance has gone beyond going to Abuja in search of revenue, and now require one who has what it takes to look inwards for the needed funds to develop the state, adding that now that revenue from oil has shrink drastically, a man uncommon character and knowledge is required to take the mantle of leadership and not a professional politician who gives political considerations before carrying politics and programmed even when those consideration are not realistic.
“It is strange people are talking the way they are talking. They are old in this business of politics to know that there is no way a Governor cannot have interest on who succeeds him. You know how the state was before Oshiomhole came in. Even though I was part of that government, we all knew that Edo was dead and was only waiting to be buried before Oshiomhole came to the rescue.
“So whether you like his face or not, Oshiomhole has performed. And he is able to achieve that because of his strong character and his passion for development. These are some of the outstanding qualities that the man to succeed him should possess and that is what the man has seen in Godwin Obaseki.
“So if Oshiomhole comes out today after looking at all the aspirants and say you are the one I support, I don’t see how people should raise eyebrows”, he said
On the alleged issue of tampering with delegates list, Idahosa declared: “No one can change the delegates list”, adding however that there is no way some of those who are dead, relocated or joined other political parties will not be replaced.
According to him, “the delegates list is a storm in a tea cup. Funny enough, while some of the aspirant are busy quarreling over the list of delegates, the same Obaseki they are criticizing is busy campaigning to all the delegates one on one. No one can change the list of delegates, but we cannot allow some persons who have since defected to PDP to be delegates in an APC primarily election. The party will be look into all this effect changes where necessary.”
The Oshiomhole’s Political Adviser further explained that amongst all the aspirants jostling to take over from Oshiomhole, only Obaseki has assisted him on ideas and how to source for funds and that was why “I Idahosa believe in him”.
Speaking on the perceived backlash should Obaseki be fielded as candidate of APC, Idahosa said people should not be deceived by what happened in the last National Assembly election which saw PDP triumph over APC to judge what will happen in the 2016 governorship election, noting that the Benins cannot be fooled because they will never forget what Oshiomhole has done to develop the place.
“The beaten of 2012 governorship election will be a child’s play”, he said, adding that the Benins are absolutely behind Oshiomhole in in his choice of candidate and he has assured that there will be a level playing ground for all the aspirants.
On the historic narrative that because Godwin Obaseki’s great-grounds father betraying Oba Ovonramwen after the British Invasion of Benin in 1897 and so, the Benins will not vote for him, Idahosa said such argument does not hold water in the sense that about seven members of the same Obaseki family holds Chieftaincy titles as Benin palace Chiefs, wandering if such narrative was true, there was no way those persons from the same family would become Chiefs in Benin kingdom.


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