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Group Writes Buhari on Plot to Sabotage His Government


A non governmental organization, Rights and Democracy Volunteers (RDV), has written an open letter to President Buhari on what it termed ‘plot’ led by a ‘cabal’ to sabotage the APC led Federal Government.
The group, in the open letter said, the cabal is led Senator Dino Maleye, Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT.
The letter reads: “We in the Rights and Democracy Volunteers (RDV), an international NGO with interest in the rights of citizens for sustainable democracy, hereby alert Mr. President on what we denote to be a grand plot to sabotage the present administration by a cabal of vindictive persons led by Sen. Dino Melaye and others (Chairman, Senate Committee on the FCT and others) in the guise of restoring Abuja Master Plan.
“The plot has started in earnest as the Legislature represented by Sen. Dino Melaye are tampering with Executive functions in the FCT by supervising, communicating with and giving directives to the staff of the FCT administration without recourse to the Hon. Minister, FCT.
“They seem to neglect their primary assignments for their constituencies by asserting more energy and steam in regular inspection of the FCT in the name of “Oversight Functions” through which they allegedly issue directives directly to FCTA staff to: do this; do that; provide policy documents; and issue “Stop Work Orders” on construction sites that even possess approvals.
“They are even allegedly demanding the revocation of past land allocations that usually amount to litigations against government with resultant distractions and inhibitions in the implementation of policies and programmes of Government. Senator Melaye in particular has allegedly threatened severally that “heads must roll in the FCT” as if he has powers to hire or fire FCTA staff. The actions of the Legislature in the FCT is constituting “two” parallel governments in the territory.
“We in the RDV with unalloyed interest in sustainable democracy cannot fathom these acts by the Legislature in executing the functions of the Executive in the FCT. This is a misnomer under democracy where there is clear separation of powers and functions amongst the three arms of Government. Many are wondering – “who is the Chief Executive in the FCT – the Hon. Minister or the Committees of the National Assembly” or whether “Mr. President has appointed Senator Melaye as “Hon. Minister” on operations in the FCT. Our analysis and inference indicate that the National Assembly Committees on the FCT are applying a systematic tactics of intimidating the FCT Minister; creating fear; controlling the policies and programmes of the Administration; and subsequently exploit maximally the “Land Administration” and “Development Control” systems for their benefit. “We are saddened when the FCT Minister naively told the Committees during an interaction that he will implement all their recommendations line by line. This is disastrous because for any Policy Failure the buck stops at the table of the Executive.
“We urge Mr. President to look into this as a matter of national interest because it is capable of creating two parallel authorities in the FCT; setting precedence; and anything otherwise in the future may lead to anarchy and capable of sabotaging the present and future Administrations. This is the major reason behind this Open Letter.
“The genesis of the episode is when Senator Melaye informed the nation that the immediate past Administration of the FCT redesigned and shared green areas on Minister’s Hill, Maitama District among influential members of the previous Government and urged the present Administration to revoke such allocations and “demolish” all the buildings developed even those with approved plans. It was observed that the Senator was brimming with steam, exuberance, seeming resentment and unforgiving vengeance during the plenary session as he stated that, “… the plots of land acquired by Jonathan and his ministers were designated as green areas, flood drains, city buffers, recreation, sewage lines, urban farming and city monuments”.
“He observed that ‘… the illegally acquired areas fall within the highbrow Maitama District …’ and described the action as “satanic”.
“One of the on-line publications carried the story under the title: “Abuja Land Grab: Senate Mulls Sanctions on Jonathan, Ex-Ministers” also stated that “… the Senate is seeking ways of invoking sanctions on former President Goodluck Jonathan and some ministers that served under his administration for appropriating reserved plots of land in Abuja to themselves, in violation of the Federal Capital Territory’s Master Plan.” The senator allegedly directed the FCT Development Control Department to stop work on those areas. “To our surprise, work has now stopped with palpable threat of flooding due to the non-completion of retaining walls for the flood drains!
“We are surprised that the FCT Administration did not respond to this impunity, illegality and constitutional infraction, which if acceded, could attract numerous litigations against the FCT Administration. We have however recognized that the FCT Administration under its present leadership is not adequately prepared to protect the FCTA Executive authority under the Constitution.
“The Hon. Minister, though a gentleman with impeccable integrity has shown extreme naivety and weakness in protecting FCTA Executive powers against encroachment by the National Assembly as was done by his predecessors like Mallam El-Rufai, Sen. Aliero, Senator Bala and others.
“In order to understand the extent and scope of the plot to sabotage the government, the RDV hereby highlights the concept and dynamism of the Abuja Master plan, theconflicts of interests between and among the gladiators in the present FCT governance as well as a closer look at the man leading the sabotage. It is obvious that Mr. President must take immediate action to avert cataclysmic consequences in the FCT Administration.
Concept & Dynamism of the Abuja Master Plan – Reviews of FCT Master Plans:
“The review of Abuja Master Plan is as old as the Master Plan itself and will continue to be so as long the Abuja project is on-going. Past and present FCT Administrations have been empowered by law to review the Master as will be discussed later. Some few examples of the past and present Master Plan reviews are highlighted as follows:
“The present FCT administration is re-designing a Green Area in Guzape District to create plots that will accommodate ministers of this government. The 1978 Landuse Act has given such powers to do so.
&The location of the United Nations Building used to be partly educational and Green Area. This has been donated by the Nigerian Government to the United Nations and has enhanced the dignity of Nigeria internationally.
“The location of the Judges Quarters besides the Millennium Park occupied by the eminent Justices of the Supreme Court extends into a former Green Area.
“The location of the present Eagle Square near the Federal Secretariat used to be a Green Area. It is now fully paved with sitting arena, used for the transition of government from military to civil rule in 1999 and still used today for important functions.
“The new Jabi Lake Mall that created several employment opportunities for many Nigerians is situated on a former Green Area adjoining Jabi Lake”, it added


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