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Deliberate Policies Needed to Shape Children’s Future; Founder, Centre for Childcare


Founder of Centre for Childcare and Youth Development (CCYD), Sabo Lugbe, Abuja, Dr. John Abhuere, has called upon government at all levels to endeavour to evolve a deliberate policy to cater for children.

He noted that any society that does not take issues of children serious, that society is bound to be backward in the near future.
He made this call when the Centre feted pupils, last week, to a fanfare during the Children’s Day celebration.

He said, being the leaders of tomorrow, it was appropriate that both federal, states government, and individuals help in shaping children’s future to avoid a backlash that will likely put the society in trouble.

Dr. Abhuere, a retired Director of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), admonished the pupils to be good ambassadors of their schools.

He advised them to strive to be brilliant students as one of them could be the president of the country tomorrow.

“Strive to read your books as one of you could be the president of the country tomorrow.

“This place was set up to give you information that will make youu grow to be better people.

“What is happening today is done all over the world. It is to teach you the history”, he said.

He also urged parents to to bring up their wards in good manners to make them good leaders. 

“Parents have duty to send you to school and bring you up in good manners, and as children you have a duty also to respect your parents, respect teachers, elders to be a successful person in future”, he said.
The non governmental organisation, known for its interest in child welfare and youth development, staged a carnival of sort for school children within the environs of the Centre.

It did not go unnoticed as street children also had a reason to be part of the celebration even if not in school.

Among the events featured during the celebration were debate, quiz competition, dance competition, recitation of poems, singing, among others.

The event took a carnival turn, when pupils from Gifted Hunira Memorial Academy, took to the floor to perform dance drama, to the admiration of all. This got other students yelling for more as ecstacy was visible in the air all through the presentation of the programme.
At the end of the programme there was presentation of gift items to the participants.






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