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19-year Old Student Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Jilted Her


In a rash move, a 19-year-old student of Dyege Memorial College, Akpehe, Makurdi, Benue State, Jessica Beer, decided to end it all by committing suicide after she was Jilted by her boyfriend.
She was alleged to have carried out the act on Wednesday.
Her boyfriend was said to have left her when he impregnated another girl and she felt slighted and went on to drink a substance suspected to be poison.
A close friend of the victim said Jessica killed herself because her boyfriend, one Labi, left her for another girl.
She said, “The previous night, my friend (Jessica) had brought a sharp knife to my house, and had asked me to accompany her to the boyfriend’s house, with the threat that she would deal with the boy. But I advised her not to do anything rash.”
It was gathered that when her parents discovered her body, they rushed her to Yiman Hospital, Akpehe, where doctors confirmed that she had died about 30 minutes earlier.
The Chief Nurse at the hospital, Mrs. Atser Terkimbi, said when Jessica was brought to the hospital, she was foaming in the month as a result of the substance she allegedly took, which claimed her life.
At her school, Dyege Memorial College, Akpehe, her classmates and her teachers openly discussed the circumstances that led to her death.
The school’s proprietress, Mrs. Mercy Dyege, expressed shock, describing Jessica’s action as “barbaric, uncalled for and ungodly.”
Mrs. Dyege added, “This kind of incident has never occurred in my school and I condemn this behaviour in strong terms.”
Jessica’s class teacher, Mr. Timothy Tyoyange, described her as an average student who seemed interested to learn.
Tyoyange said, “Jessica was a beautiful young girl and in our last speech, prize and graduation day, she contested for the Miss Dyege organised by the college and won the crown.”

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