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Senate Asks Network Operators to Suspend Planned Hike in Data Tariff


The Senate on Wednesday asked the Nigerian Communications Commission to halt the planned data tariff hike.
The Senate said before any such hike could be announced all parties should be consulted network operators have said subscribers across the country would pay more for data with effect from December 1, 2016.
They said the directive was from the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).
Describing it as a height of irresponsibility, the Senate which further mandated the Committee on Communications to investigate the allegations of failure of the service providers also said that “It is very important that we protect the people that brought us here this is the height of irresponsibility by the Nigeria Communication Commission.
“Senators in all totality condemned the increase of data Tariffs by the service providers in tandem with NCC.
“At this time without any consultation from the statistics it is almost four times the price.
“Senate now resolves to halt the new tariff approval.”
The providers had said the NCC issued the directive late last week on the orders of the Federal Government.
“We have not announced it yet because most of the major telcos have been meeting the NCC on how to reverse this policy, because it will be too harsh for Nigerians.
“However, we further gathered that the Federal Government took the decision having discovered that data rates are very low-priced in Nigeria, compared to other countries, including nearby African countries.
“The government might have also taken the decision given that Nigerian subscribers have been kicking against the proposed nine per cent Communication Tax, whose bill is currently in the National Assembly.”
However, the Senate Wednesday said the move should be put on hold for now.

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