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TB Joshua Mocked For Wrong Prediction On U.S. Election: Malawi President Calls Him Fake Prophet


Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Nigerian prophet TB Joshua, incorrectly predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election and has been slammed by Malawians and many others on social media after Donald Trump was elected.The controversial preacher had predicted on Sunday a “narrow” win for Hilary Clinton in the just concluded U.S. presidential election and took to Facebook to share his predictions.

After the victory of Trump, social media users are now slamming Joshua for his ‘false’ prophecy. People are criticizing him, calling him a prophet of doom and a fake prophet. “It’s now safe to say TB Joshua is a fake prophet,” Silaba Mpasu, a Malawian based in the US who supported Trump, posted on her Facebook page. On Twitter, TB Joshua is being slammed for his wrong prophecy. One Twitter user called Preze tweeted: “TB Joshua prophecy just showed 80% of Nigeria pastors are broad day light armed robber who use spiritual guns to kill you.” This is not the first time that TB Joshua’s prophecy has gone wrong. The prophet has came under fire after he failed to predict that his church building would collapse on September 12, 2014, resulting in the deaths of 116 people.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is also on record calling TB Joshua a fake prophet. Mutharika defied Joshua’s alleged prophecy that he would die before April 1, 2016. “Let me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year,” the president told a rally in the capital Lilongwe. In 2012, Joshua reportedly predicted the death of a president of an unnamed southern African country. Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, who was president at the time, did die within the predicted timeframe, giving the prophesy strong CURRENCY in Malawi. But Mutharika stressed that TB Joshua is “a liar” who “just wants to raise money.” TB Joshua has since deleted the prophesy posted on the church’s official Facebook account. In its place, he posted a seven-line prayer on the church’s official Facebook account urging his members to join him in prayer.

“Ask Jesus to give you the grace to live your life in purity and honour, to listen to the Spirit of God and resist the evil spirits coming to you,” said the Niegrian self-styled prophet.

“This is the prayer that will strengthen you forever. Ask Jesus to reveal the weakness in your heart and break that spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!”

Here are some of the tweets.

People:TB Joshua u said a woman will win TB Joshua: u people didn’t hear me clearly, I said woolman, the person his head looks like wool

i heard TB joshua said a woman would win.I guess Trump is a woman.FakeProphets

Now I’m just chilling for TB Joshua to tell is the God he’s serving.

Whatever happened to TB joshua‘s prophecy….

Make una warn TB Joshua O make him no dey predict anytn again.. imagine wettin him dey let Clinton pass tru now…SMH

lol. TB Joshua don enter one chance. Sometimes our Naija pastors like to show themselves. Why you put mouth for election wey no concern you?

TB Joshua LIED! unless Donald J. Trump is a transgender.USElections

So TB Joshua was wrong again, don’t try to be God, only God sees all, knows all

TB Joshua close that your fake church. Don’t waste my time.

Congratulations TB Joshua, you once again played yourself. Donald Trump is Mr President, Sorry for trying hard to please Barack Obama.

Dear TB Joshua. Who gave you your prophecy? My God is not a man that He would lie neither is He the son of man that He would repent!

“TB Joshua should apologize to the world right before is too late, should ask God forgiveness, before the anger of God come on his church”

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