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Charles Okah Causes Stir in Court


The alleged mastermind of the 2010 Independence Day bombing, Charles Okah, caused a stir in court, Tuesday, when he accused prosecution lawyer, Dr Alex Iziyon of wanting to perpetually keep him in prison custody.
Okah, who was brought to prison after his case was adjourned to January 30 and 31, 2017, at the instance of Dr. Iziyon and the defence counsels, Emeka Okoroafor and T. Yusuf, told the Judge that he was tired of life in prison.
Immediately he entered the court room, observing his case had been adjourned and the lawyers have left the courtroom, he confronted the trial Judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, by raising up his hand: “Excuse me sir, I have something to say”, he told the Judge.
“Yes, Okah, what is it”, the Judge replied.
“I understand sir that the case has been adjourned again. I am tired of prison of life. This was the same Iziyon who opposed my bail, now he wants to keep me in prison perpetually.
“I thought the case will come to an end today. I want the case to come to an end. I know that I will be freed at the end of the day. In the last sitting, Iziyon said he has two more witnesses to present, I was thinking today he would present them and end the case.
“My girl is on life support and I want to meet her. I was hoping that the trial would be concluded today. I know I would be set free at the end. Please I want the case to end”, he said.
Justice Kolawole, however, sympathised with him. He told Okah that his hands are tied.
“I sympathise with you, but I cannot do otherwise. Your lawyer agreed with Iziyon, he said he understood the circumstance, I cannot oppose it or grant you bail, you know that the offence you are being charged with is not a bailable offence.
“I truly sympathise with you but there is nothing I can do, so bear with us”
“You case is from the point of law”, Justice Kolawole counseled.
Earlier, Iziyon pleaded with court to adjourn the case. He said the witness who was supposed to appear before the court was a victim in the Uyo building collapse, and was recuperating.
He pleaded for more time to present the witnesses.
Counsel to Okah, Emeka Okoroafor and T. Yusuf who stood in for the second defendant, Obi Nwabueze, agreed with Iziyon’s submission, saying they understand the circumstance.
On October 6,2015, Okah attempted suicide by jumping from the third floor of the Federal High Court, Abuja.
Okah is being tried alongside Obi Nwabueze for the October 1, 2010 multiple bomb blasts near the Eagle Square in Abuja.

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