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Battle For Mosul Day 132: Largest Mass Grave In Iraq Found Near Mosul


The comprehensive military campaign by Iraqi military forces to liberate the Northern city of Mosul from ISIL militants continued on Sunday with local media reporting that the largest mass grave on the territory of Iraq, allegedly containing the bodies of more than four thousand people, was found not far from the city of Mosul near the Baghdad-Mosul road.
Largest Mass Grave in Iraq Found near Mosul

The largest mass grave on the territory of Iraq, allegedly containing the bodies of more than four thousand people, was found not far from the city of Mosul near the Baghdad-Mosul road. The grave was found near Hasfa along the way linking Mosul and the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad. It is believed that the number of dead bodies is more than four thousand, making it the largest mass grave on the territory of Iraq so far.

Iraq: Commander of ISIL Special Forces Killed near Tel Afar

A military source confirmed that the commander of ISIL Special Forces in Tel Afar has been killed during Saturday confrontations with pro-government forces.

A commander of Hashd al-Shaabi, Sami Masoudi, said the elimination of the militant commander has caused a significant damage to the group in the strategic town of Tel Afar, West of Mosul, and his unit is now experiencing a bitter defeat, Basnews reported. However, the official did not reveal the name of the ISIL commander.

Iraqi Forces Recapture Main Power Station in Mosul

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday that Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have fully liberated al-Yarmouk power station in Western Mosul. The ministry’s War Media Cell confirmed in a statement that the power station is providing electricity to the whole city, which makes it a key point in the area, Basnews reported.

According to the statement, army troops from the 9th Armored Brigade have managed to liberate al-Yarmouk power station raising the Iraqi flag over its building.

Police Commandos Recapture New Neighborhood in Mosul

Iraqi federal police recaptured a neighborhood on the Western side of Mosul on Sunday amid fierce clashes with ISIL militants, as thousands of people continued to flee the battle to government-controlled areas, security officials said.

Iraqi forces launched a new push last week to drive ISIL militants from Mosul’s West, capturing so far the city’s international airport and an adjacent military base. Iraqi authorities declared Mosul’s Eastern half “fully liberated” from the militants in January, three months after launching the operation to take back Iraq’s second-largest city, Herald Online reported.

On Sunday, the Federal Police Commandos Division moved into the Tayaran neighborhood amid fierce clashes, Maj. Gen. Haider al-Maturi said, adding that the neighborhood “is now under their full control.”

Over 300 ISIL Militants Killed by One Iraqi Army Sniper

A 63-year-old Iraqi sniper single-handedly wiped out 321 ISIL militant during various battles across the war-stricken country. The sniper, named Abu Tahseen is a member of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces’ (PMF) and the seasoned sniper is now rumored to be stationed near Mount Sinjar in Northwestern Iraq, Al Masdar reported.

Tahseen is said to be a legend amongst fellow soldiers and appeared in a video clip that was posted by the PMF to their YouTube channel.

Iraq PMF Pounds ISIL Gathering in Western Mosul

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) pounded Sunday a gathering of ISIL militants in Western Mosul before carrying out an attack against the Iraqi forces.

The Iraqi popular forces, also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, said that their forces bombarded a gathering of ISIL militants West of al Jahaf village, saying they were planning an attack against PMF troops, Iraqi News reported.

The announcement comes hours after PMF said they had recaptured eight villages (40 Kilometers of land) near the strategic town of Tal Afar, a major ISIL stronghold where PMF operations have been concentrated since the launch of operations to liberate Mosul in October.

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