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I’ll Quit Politics If… Chief Olabode George


Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George, has said he would be forced to quit PDP and ultimately politics if the internal distractions in the party is not resolved quickly.
He said the judgment that put the affairs of the party in the hands of Ali Modu Sheriff, was a sad development, adding that if the situation remains that way, he would be left with no other option than to retire from politics prematurely.
The former Military Governor of old Ondo State moaned “… if nothing positive comes out clearly in the future you cannot see me playing any more political role.
“I have run the race…my spirit had never been this low with this news and I am talking personally about myself.”
Fielding questions on the Appeal Court judgment that sacked Ahmed Makarfi-led Caretaker Committee of the party, Chief George said: “I was shocked. To use the word shock is the minimum I could say. It is worse than being shocked.
“My immediate conclusion was that this is the voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau. Our national convention decisions from what we were told were set aside. National convention decisions set aside? I leave that to political pundits to analyze.
“But for whatever it is, it is a very dark day for democracy. This is a very sad day, it would make a lot of our old men, those founding fathers that thought of uniting this country and bringing oneness to Nigeria to chuckle in their graves and the ones that are alive, I pray that won’t send them to their early graves. It was a very sad day. When I got the phone call, something came to my mind,
“I remembered when I was in form four, you know the Tafawa Balewa Court then was the Supreme Court, the High Court, and from my area, coming back to TBS, everybody was interested in the judgment of Baba Awolowo then, wanting to know what happened.
“That’s the picture that came to my mind. What Baba said then was; ‘We thank the judge, Justice Sowemimo, for his learned conclusion,’ but he felt that we were going through a dark tunnel in which nobody could predict but that he hoped at the end of the day, God Almighty would show Nigeria where to go.
“That was the first thing that came to my mind and today, how? The party that was in government, very well established, that had been by its own accord the most populous political party in the whole of Africa, being decimated and reduced to Sheriff as its chief manager. He just came to the party. Democracy is not about one party state or one political party. Democracy is about aligning all voices- majority, minority to have a debate. I feel very sad.”
He stated further: “I am not that young anymore but I am still not that old. I expected at this time that my nation would have been at the level if not close to the first line of developed states or developed countries.
“This is nothing but a complete muzzling of the opposition. We await the decisions of other managers of the party in Abuja but if nothing positive comes out clearly in the future you cannot see me playing any more political role.
“I have run the race…my spirit had never been this low with this news and I am talking personally about myself. Whither Nigeria? Where do we go from here? A lot of people expected a vibrant opposition, and now they have taken the opposition from the vibrancy to an appendage of the ruling party.
“I weep for my country and I am praying that when President Buhari comes back, we pray for his good health, those who are masquerading and manipulating all these things should hand off and allow the system to run. Don’t kill the goose that has laid the golden egg of political activities in this country. Don’t do that. Whatever we are doing will come on the pages of history. We cannot afford to write another dark period in the democratic history of this country. It was a bad decision.
“Though I am not a lawyer, to the judges, we are unlearned but I know what logic is, I know what common sense is, I know what it is to stabilize the system and that is a complete direction towards instability.
“Our convention is the basis on which Senator Ahmed Makarfi emerged. They said they had nullified the convention. Are they saying that we didn’t hold a convention? What reason? But for whatever it is, the shock is worse than the Hiroshima bomb”

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