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Dollar Weakens To N350, Slumps To N400 In Black Market


The exchange rate of the naira in the unofficial black market has hit a new seven-month high of N400 to the US$, N50 above N350 exchange rate which sources in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) claim is the fair value of the naira.

The unofficial exchange rate of the naira has seen a steep appreciation, since February 20, when CBN took the decision to raise its interventions in the official exchange rate window with dollar for school fees and other variables.

The naira has gained 120, 120.3 since the intervention began after falling to a low of N520 to a dollar in the parallel market. The central bank has been intervening on the official market to try to narrow the currency spread with the black market rate, which was 520 to the dollar a month ago.
The naira was quoted at 307.50 on the interbank market on Wednesday.
“The regular intervention by the central bank has increased liquidity in the official market. The new policy has also eliminated spurious demand for the dollar,” Aminu Gwadabe, the
head of Nigeria’s exchange bureaus, said.
Speculators betting on a naira fall “are taking a risk and will lose,” central bank Governor Godwin Emefiele said on
Tuesday. He added that he expects the black market rates to narrow further
On Wednesday, the cost of insuring Nigerian debt against default fell to its lowest since December 2016, with five-year credit default swaps dropping to 603 bps, down 9 bps from
Tuesday’s close, according to data from IHS Market.
“We see the naira stabilising around 380-400 to the dollar, but the central bank must review the multiplicity of rates to restore confidence in the market,” Gwadabe said.
In February the bank devalued the naira for private individuals, saying it will sell dollars to them at 375 per dollar, a 20 percent margin from the official rate and half the
premium obtained at the black market.
The move has left the West African nation with at least five exchange rates – the official one, a rate for Muslim pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia, the one for school fees abroad and a
retail rate set by licensed exchange bureaus at 399.

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