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Insecurity: CAN Sues for Unity Among Churches


The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has urged churches to unite as one to fight the insecurity currently bedeviling the country.
Speaking at the 30th anniversary of the Edo Easter Prayer Breakfast Fellowship in Benin City, the CAN President, Rev Samson Ayokunle urged Christians to respect constituted authorities and do away with attitudes which are against the principles of God and law of the country.
Ayokunle stressed that the power of darkness is using some Nigerian leaders to initiate anti-people’s bill which would ensure that Christians are silenced and relegated to the background but assured that the time for keeping quiet was over.
He emphasised the need for Christians to be united as they were baptized in the same faith though their graces differs.
Rev Ayokunle said, “It is a time for solemn assembly where we sit together in mutual faith to pray for the nation and pray for the church.
“Because we know we are not fighting against flesh and blood, we are fighting darkness which is in every nation.
“We should not assume that all is well with Nigeria at a critical time like this when our economy is almost comatose. The handwriting is not a good one. Silence everywhere, we can’t continue like that we need to call on the God that created heaven and earth so that we may have a life to enjoy in him and have a better future”.
On his part, a Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Guest lecturer, Prof Vincent Anigbogie, Nigeria Institute of Transformation ascribed the division in Christendom to the many denominations available for Christians to worship at.
Prof Anigbogie who noted that there are over 70 million Christians in the country harped on the need for Christians to look beyond tribal and cultural differences as a way of uniting the church.
He urged Christians to preach peace and seek peace first for the holy spirit to dwell in their hearts.
He said the biblical preaching of churches have further plunged Christianity into crisis calling on clergymen to instead of divide, unite the churches irrespective of the denominations.
According to him, “We need to gain that consciousness that what affects all affects me and what affects me affects all”.
“Christianity is a nation, it is an identity, unfortunately we don’t understand it so we allow our cultures to divide us, we allow our tribe to divide us.
“Some of us are saved indeed but our minds have not be redeemed so we must carry our tribal and cultural differences into the church”.
“Leaders are both born and made. Some of us have the leadership capacity but we have not been trained. One of the reasons we have not come together as a church is because we have misused the gifts of the church. These gifts are given for equipping of the saints and help them discover their purpose in God”.
“The church of Nigeria will rise and begin to play it rightful role. But we have to stop castigating and support the CAN for there is strength in our unity”.
Also, Rev Felix Omobude, the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) in his remarks urged Christians to imbibe the lessons learnt for the Easter celebration which was to reconcile Christendom.

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